One of the most well-known and frequently used devices in the series is the Anywhere Door, also known as the Kokemo Door in Japanese and the Anywhere Door in English. It’s essentially a convenient gateway that has the appearance of a pink door.

The 2013 Doraemon film, Doraemon: Nobita’s Secret Gadget Museum, depicts the development of the Anywhere Door.

Dr. Hartman’s enormous, nearly three-story-tall first-ever Anywhere Door prototype is the largest ever made. The door slid out from the sides of the door, unlike its more recent predecessors, which had a different design.

However, it is quite likely that it has been designed to warp guests directly to the Robots Halls because, in the movie, Nobita and the others passed through it as quickly as the existing Dokodemo Door.

The size of the door on a mansion is comparable to the other, more recent versions, which are much smaller. The lack of doors on some of them makes them appear to be warp gates.

The users of some of the prototypes can enter their destinations into a computer that is placed next to them. If not merely modern, the majority of the designs are extremely contemporary.

Regardless of whether it is said or not, The Anywhere Door opens a gateway in response to the user’s request with the following restrictions:

  • The maximum distance between the two ends that it can span is 100,000 light years.
  • Cannot go to other realms or alternative realities.
  • Does not function when strong electromagnetic fields are present.
  • The variety of settings it can be put to use in varies and is significantly impacted by the time period it is used in. There are no known maps for periods further back in history and distant from contemporary civilization, such as the prehistoric period, so the user must record the map themselves when traveling in those times.
  • The door should never be left open as the portal from the outgoing end will vanish as the user teleports to the other side and closes it. Otherwise, if the door is closed from the other side, the user faces the risk of being unable to teleport back.
  • It can be locked, just like a regular door, to stop others from following the user.
  • Although the user selects the destination with their voice, it is also possible to select it by tapping a picture of an object or creature on the door. The location of the indicated object or creature is then used by the door to determine the destination.
  • By tampering with the doorknob, which can alter the time of the user’s destination, it is possible to utilize the Anywhere Door as a limited sort of Time Machine in Nobita and the Kingdom of Clouds.

One of the devices that cannot be used right away in the game is the Anywhere Door. Gian, Suneo, and Shizuka will remain on the Secret Base, which is what the lower screen is for, along with the partner character (either Doraemon or Nobita), who will also serve as the assist character.

The X, R, or L buttons can be used to call either Doraemon or Nobita to the side of the current character (Nobita or Doraemon) when they are both waiting. Gian, Suneo, or Shizuka can be called to the side of the current character by touching the lower screen or choosing them from the menu.

They will use the Anywhere Door each time they enter or leave the Secret Base screen. Out of 61 gadgets in the game, The Anywhere Door is ranked at number 37. It is limited to a maximum distance of 10 light years.

Nonetheless, is not conceivable, as Doraemon mentioned in a chapter of the Doraemon manga. It is revealed that the Anywhere Door that Doraemon possesses was originally from Amanogawa train station; he brought it after the use of those in that train station was prohibited on September 3, 2112; and it is revealed that Doraemon originally owned it.

Doraemon was born on September 3, 21112, which is a coincidence. In the 22nd century, Anywhere Door usage is either prohibited or restricted, particularly during the World Amateur Baseball Classic (WABC) baseball seasons, according to Dorabase.

There was an explanation of how Anywhere Door can know where the user wants to travel in a chapter of The Doraemon manga (7 Dora-Dora Theater). Due to the door’s ability to read user thoughts, this is the case.

Light orange makes up Dorami’s Anywhere Door. The door to Mini-Anywhere Dora’s is purple in the I’m Mini Doraemon episode from 2005.

A Somewhere Door, a fictitious version of this device that first emerged in Parallel Planet and teleports its owner to unknown locations, is also available. It is unknown whether passing through the Anywhere Door with no intention of going anywhere has the same outcome.

Even though it’s one of the most crucial tools, it was never shown in the 1973 anime. This device seems to backfire when used with maze-creating devices. Nobita Nobi and Doraemon attempt to flee using the Dokodemo Door in The Nobi House Turns into a Giant Maze!? To demonstrate this.

The Magic Zip and Pass Loop are devices that backfire similarly. It is demonstrated in the anime that it may be used to travel across time if a Time Cloth is placed on top of it.

The Anywhere Door was destroyed in the movies Nobita and the Island of Miracles, New Nobita’s Great Demon, Peko and the Exploration Party of 5, and Nobita’s Chronicle of the Moon Exploration. The Anywhere Door, however, was frozen in the movie Nobita’s Great Adventure in the Antarctic, Kachi Kochi.