Will Smith, an actor, revealed that even his 9-year-old nephew was confused by his decision to slap Chris Rock at the Oscars? A recent episode of Trevor Noah’s show included him.

In a recent conversation, Will Smith discussed the impact the Oscars slap incident had on his personal life. Will made an appearance on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah to promote his upcoming historical drama Emancipation.

In response to a question regarding the Oscars of 2022, Will described his movie as having a “horrific night.” Chris Rock, a comedian and the show’s host at the 94th Academy Awards, was physically attacked by Will Smith.

Jada Pinkett Smith, the alopecia-suffering wife of Will Smith, was the subject of Chris’ joke. Will, who had won Best Actor that evening as a result of the event, was prohibited from the Academy as a result.

Up until a few months ago, Will kept a low profile but made many social media postings in which he addressed the matter.

Will Smith stated on the program, “I have been away,” in reference to his absence after the breakup with Chris Rock. Continuing, he recalled the tragic evening and remarked, “That was a dreadful evening, as you might imagine.

It is complicated and full of subtleties. You see, that night I was experiencing something. Though in no way does that excuse my actions. There were several things involved. All of that simply came to the surface at that very time.

I don’t want to be that person. The King Richard actor related a personal story about how the Oscars ceremony and his behavior influenced his personal life. “I left. That anger had been suppressed for a very long time. Nine years old my nephew. He is the most adorable young guy.

We arrived at our house.  He had stayed up late to visit his uncle Will, and now we are sitting in my kitchen with him on my lap, clutching the Oscar, and him asking, “Uncle Will, why did you strike that man?” Damn it.  Why are you attempting to Oprah me? Smith stated.

Will Smith has always insisted that he tried to get in touch with Chris following his outburst, but that the comic didn’t reply. The actor recently expressed uncertainty over whether the public will embrace him now as he prepares for his first release following the tragedy.

Will’s latest movie, Emancipation, is inspired by the true story of Gordon, a slave who is well known as Whipped Peter. The movie’s release date was initially set for May, but it was later moved up because of the Oscars controversy.