Zayn Malik has filed a “non-competitive” complaint alleging abuse four times following a dispute between him and model Gigi Hadid’s mother, Yolanda Hadid.

A Pennsylvania court has ruled that the singer appealed four appeals. Zayn said that instead of accepting the verdict, he “agreed not to challenge the allegations.”

In response to allegations that he did not appear to have been charged, Zayn denied meeting Yolanda.

Zayn and Gigi started dating in 2015 and their daughter Khai was born last year.

TMZ America shows a website reporting that they are no longer together.

The uncontested appeal means Zayn, 28, will not face terrorism charges in court.

He was sentenced as if he had been convicted, but since he did not state his case, the appeal could not be used in other cases.

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Anger management education

The singer tested for 90 days for each number for a total of 360 days.

He will also complete a series of anger and domestic violence control programs and will have no contact with Yolanda or security guards during the September 29 event.

A court document obtained by media firm PA says Zayn swore at Yolanda and told her to leave Khai.

Yolanda is said to have ‘grab and let go’ in appearance, “causing mental stress and physical pain.”

Singer Bradford said the assault allegations were “false allegations”.

In a statement on Twitter, the former One Direction leader said: “As you all know, I am a secretive person and I wanted to create a safe place to raise my daughter.

“Private family businesses are not spent on a global scale so everyone can search and choose.

“In an effort to save an opportunity for him, I’m sure I wouldn’t mind a complaint arising from a dispute I had with a family member who entered our home when my partner left a few weeks ago.”

Gigi’s agent said: “Gigi is completely focused on what’s best for Khai. He’s asking for privacy now.”

Newsbeat approached Zayn and Yolanda for an answer, but they didn’t respond.