Yaber, a well-known home theater company, today unveiled the latest addition to its 1080p home portfolio for commercial gamers, the V10. Designed to improve the quality and experience of consuming content, the V10 features Yabber’s BASIC Smart Engine 2.0, which improves the viewing experience by altering the brightness, color aesthetics, resolution, and quality of the image audio. Consumers can purchase the V10 Show today at yabertech.com for $ 290.99.

The design of the V10 is inspired by the sky and is also a testament to the immersive visual experience this filmmaker offers to customers. The point is to honor those who care about other things, reflecting round, and emerald eyes. Meanwhile, the matte black and the frames of the V10 resemble UFOs, ready to take viewers to another world without any fuss.

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With V10 dual Wi-Fi, users can watch movies, videos, photos, and games from their mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or other devices on the big screen. The premium 5 GHz Wi-Fi module provides smoother and faster streaming than most mid-range processors, which only support 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi. In addition to home entertainment, the V10 enhances the office experience as more businesses return to the full-time human form or hybrid model. The V10 display supports Microsoft Office (PowerPoint, Word, and Excel) and PDFs from its USB port, bringing presentation and training to life.

Two-way Bluetooth provides a seamless connection

The V10 features the latest two-way Bluetooth chip and a stereo around the speaker. This feature gives customers a superior experience with a small combination of mobile devices, speakers, and headphones. Consumers can listen to their listeners using Bluetooth-enabled headphones. It supports connectivity and can be connected to smartphones, tablets, and PCs using a Bluetooth speaker.

Vicent Wang, Head of Operations at Yabber, said: “With the new Yaber display, we are making the most of our technology with ease. Our new offering, V10, is perfect for home entertainment and office work. “Whether you’re going back to school, the office, or looking forward to the holidays, the V10 delivers excellent picture quality for a great value.”

About Yaber

Yaber is an entertainment film company founded in 2016 and introduced its first 1080P home console a year later. Over the past few years, Yaber has released ten different models: 1080P projectors and 720P projectors. With more than one million customers in 46 countries, families around the world are turning to movies, TV, games, and more into a television experience.