Will Smith spoke about his open marriage and surprised many fans. View details revealed by The Shade Room.

“As one of the most successful actors of our time, #WillSmith recently announced that he has spent much of his life living up to the standards of his high-profile career. Speaking to @GQ, Will shared his journey from world-class movie star to eclectic man and discussed how his marriage has helped over the years, “says TSR.

They continued, “Will and Jada have been objectively together for years, which may have changed for some of the stars’ fans after #JadaPinkettSmith revealed that he previously had a “connection” with # speaking to GQ, Will revealed him and Jada was not in a “traditional” relationship, which revealed that their relationship was ultimately no longer homogeneous.

“Jada never believed in a normal marriage… Jada had relatives who had an unconventional relationship. So she grew up very differently from me, “he said.

Someone said, “There were never goals that we all knew what they were doing, lmao,” and a newbie wrote this: It was an “open” relationship … they talked about it in so many ways. “

Another trailer said, “Big Willie and Jada are getting married the way it works for them,” and one commuter said, “He’s Libra so he’s cool but the real thing is he wants to raise Hell lol”.

Commenting on one fan, “And everyone knew they were in an open relationship, so I was confused as to why they attacked them. It is not a ‘cheat’ if you have chosen this lifestyle. It’s strange, but it’s your choice. ” ‘

Another said, “Actually, they both had secret connections, so if you see them all, go ahead with your business. They won’t go away.” ‘Do not talk. From their profession and that’s fine. ‘