“I wanted to be more authentic in my music and allow people into my life. Now I have a lot more confidence in my music, in myself, in my sexuality, in what I think I stand for.”

Lil Nas X was in a recent interview with Variety and explains her personal growth in the months and years before the release of her upcoming debut album, “Montero”, which would appear on Friday.

Lil Nas X does not doubt it.

In a musical landscape where the lyrics of intimacy remain more open, he sings softly and mockingly in silence: ‘If Eva is not in your backyard, do you know that you can / call me if you want, call me when you must, “he jokes in his Montero # 1″ (call me his name). Through his maps, he explores queues – desire, the appearance of the day, escape – explicitly accepts his desires for the gay black man and defends his existence in an industry where some keep shooting and threatening you.

It’s like, ‘Oh, that person said and I didn’t think about it. ‘” Ano, Lil Nas X said he said his ambition to normalize gay sex is to overcome the prevailing method.

Grammy winner (22), real name Montero Lamar Hill, has power in his music videos. In visual extensions of her songs about her, she takes places that have long been associated with strange pains – scriptural areas, high school halls – and willingly injects them.

It tries to match reality with its ambitions through activation.

Dressed in what the fictional prison of the Montero has to offer, Lil Nas X invites viewers to the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday to see how a celebrity in prison sings his latest single “Industry Baby”.

He and his army of extremely angry residents came into the picture. Then they turned on the shower; they, of course, wore bright pink underwear.

In a subsequent interview with MTV News, the pop star claims that the performance, which used many of the same images as the clip, shows how she had to overcome her personal and professional challenges. This concept of ‘free’ abandon its work.

The video of “Montero” – the full name that reminds the 2007 gay romances of coming of age 2007 and the brilliant film adaptation of 2017 – is full of references from the Bible. In another movie, the singer and rapper happily dance in hell, where he disturbs Satan.

After the show, Lil Nas X breaks his neck and grabs the demon by the horns – a blissful conspiracy, an intoxicating, infernal retaliation that is often promised to gay men: no weapon against you will succeed, Lil Nas X says with a wink. . This step, a radical act of global construction, ‘dismantles the throne of judgment and punishment that has kept many of us from kissing each other out of fear’, according to the artist’s label.

Here, hell turns in time to point out that Lil Nas X is not threatened by a real force of eternal damnation.