Video, a leading provider of video conferencing and startups, announces the launch of LiveEdge, a platform as a service (PaaS) that adds feature enhancements, configuration options, and intelligent automation to the Videon video platform. With live-edge, users can bridge gaps in the cloud and production tools to create custom threats. This reduces cloud video processing costs, latency, and complex video compression, while still providing high quality and reliability.

Powerful LiveEdge EdgeCaster, Videon’s Qualcomm video-based technology. The live-edge service allows users to create a fast-paced video experience using a compact module or by using a simple developer application to create their own unique, custom services. LiveEdge uses LiveEdge streaming, a next-generation computing solution, as well as live edge Compute, which helps developers create a custom performance using Python or Docker.

For more than a decade, video conferencing systems have been based on codecs that provide RTMP (Real Time Messaging Protocol) transmission in the cloud, where it is copied and redeployed before being distributed to publishers. Indoor Encoder is isolated from the cloud, leading to quality, reliability, and control issues. LiveEdge transforms this legacy system by connecting the cloud to the environment, as well as robust performance, cost-effective and time-consuming cloud services to video creation.

The solution creates the performance and flexibility to increase the number of cameras and feeders to meet the growing needs for a customized content size and experience, opening up access to new content. Working seamlessly with each other’s environments, Videon-based technologies integrate with industry-leading solutions including Akamai MSL4, AWS Media store, AWS IVS, and Fastin Original Shield. With more than 7,000 devices in 19 countries, Videon already has thousands of hours of daily life for broadcasters, top sports teams, and OEM executives.

Tricia Iboshi, Videon’s COO, said: “Videon simplifies the video delivery process by eliminating the hassle of existing systems to enhance the live streaming experience.” “LiveEdge enables new video services to work by delivering cloud services to video startups. It eliminates traditional media companies and software that adds latency, complexity, and profitable sales.”

LiveEdge includes a plan designed to help media service providers transport and manage a large fleet of Consumer Construction Applications (CPEs) to support multiple video scenarios. These include installed web servers, seamless provisioning, automatic remote management, and monitoring on any IP network.

About Videon

Video, a leader in video front-end computers, makes video editing and distribution faster and more efficient, at a lower cost. Provides the freedom to customize video and fonts by combining the built-in functionality running your local video platform with other features from the cloud. The video includes a state-of-the-art application to create a new video application to manage everything from simple and inexpensive code entry to the promotion and AI-approved usage issues.

Accessing live video from one source to a complex audience, as well as tradition, requires expensive media equipment or other expensive services. By promoting the most common content reductions on high-end mobile phones to provide high-quality video, Videon has developed a flexible system that can transform the advertising experience into a complex and profitable gaming experience.

Today, Videon is used in 19 countries and handles tens of thousands of content every day, from live games and news to television producers producing second-hand products in the online market, such as betting, retail, and services. emergency, drones, and hundreds of other uses. Case. Designed and built with state-of-the-art technology in the USA and backed by 25 years of engineering support, Videon reveals the ability to compress sources to manage high-quality video.