Taylor Swift criticized Blur and later Gorillaz singer Damon Albarn after saying he doesn’t write his music.

Speaking to the LA Times, Albarn replied to the interviewer, who called Swift “an excellent songwriter”, saying, “She doesn’t write her songs.”

Swift replied on Twitter: “I was a fan of mine until I saw it.”

“I write all my songs. Your speculation is completely false and so harmful. “

Albarn said in the interview that he preferred Billie Eilish, whom he called “a very interesting singer”.

“I’m more attracted to him than Taylor Swift. He is just darker, infinitely less optimistic. Much more insignificant and strange. I think it’s great. “

Eilish writes her songs alongside her brother, producer Finneas.

When the interviewer said his music was co-written by Swift, Albarn replied, “It’s not the same as counting. I know what note-taking is. There’s a big difference between taking notes and writing. I don’t hate. none, I’m just saying that being a singer is a big difference from being a co-author singer. “

There was a quick response on Twitter, including from producer Jack Antonoff, who has worked extensively with Swift.

Albarn later apologized and wrote to Swift on Twitter: “I agree with you. I had a conversation about singing and sadly it was reduced to a decoy. I apologize unconditionally and unconditionally. The last thing I want to do is denigrate your writing. I hope that you understand. “

It is not the first time that Albarn has sparked controversy by criticizing pop stars. He is said to have once called Adele “insecure” after working together on previously unreleased music.

“It was one of those” hit your idol “moments, he later told Rolling Stone.

“And the sad thing is, I was so obsessed with growing fans. But he was sad and I regret going out with him. “

Albarn later denied calling it dangerous, saying the reports were made by someone overhearing a conversation with a friend.