Synamedia, the world’s largest independent video software provider, announced that it has acquired Quortex, a privately held provider of a leading cloud video publishing platform designed to process live video streams.

With this acquisition, Synamedia expands its video network capabilities by integrating VIVID Workflow as-a-Service (WaaS) with a suite of OTT content management, disaster recovery, service provider long-tail configuration, and viva solutions events.

Using a proprietary, industry-first on-demand model, Quortex’s latest cutting-edge technology delivers exactly the resources you need, whenever you need them. If no one is watching the channel, it will automatically release those resources. This method offers time-to-market and significant cost advantages over existing cloud-based approaches, ensuring that everything is used as intended. For example, for long-tail content, Quortex technology reduces cloud costs by up to 67%.

Quortex’s multi-tenant SaaS technology creates video streams on-the-fly based on end-user needs and tailored to viewers’ location, devices, and time. It adapts to unpredictable networks, infrastructures, and audiences, and automatically scales cloud resources up and down, leveraging local areas to benefit from the rest of the cloud at a fraction of conventional costs, while maintaining information quality. The service is intended for all real-time operators, including telcos, cable operators, direct-to-consumer (D2C) players, and broadcasters.

As a founding member of the Greening Cycle and an organization committed to a cost-effective energy cycle and CO2 reduction, Quortex is well positioned to play an important role in sustainability strategies.

 “By pioneering just-in-time video streaming processing and delivery, Quortex has broken new ground with live services that dynamically spring to life when processing a user request. This radical change in the economics of cloud processing will accelerate the migration of live video services to the cloud. We see enormous potential as we expand Quortex’s reach globally – for the fast-growing D2C live streaming market as well as our traditional service provider customer base who want to reduce infrastructure costs and meet their CO2 reduction commitments.”

  -Julien Signes, EVP and General Manager of Video Network at Synamedia

Ben Keen, an independent analyst, and consultant said, “Improvement in reality often comes from removing legacy systems from the problem and Quortex brought new thinking at that time to broadcast video technology. Adding this true SaaS proposition to the problem. The portfolio should enable Synamedia to offer remote extension live broadcasting services economically and to the community. – they know the customers.”

Marc Baillavoine, CEO and Founder of Quortex, said, “With our successful timely approach, we have turned the life-stream model upside down, eliminating the need to waste resources just for broadcasting content. We believe that in the global Synamedia’s reach and product line, we can improve our goal is to change the efficiency and cost of emissions and cut its carbon footprint.”

Quortex was founded in Rennes, France, in 2018 by a team of experts in the video industry with more than 100 patents. Customers include beIN Group Media, M6, and Red Bee Media. The company’s staff in France and the UK will join Synamedia. Quortex has been supported since its founding by Elaia, Go Capital, Unexo, and trading angels. Its technology will become part of Synamedia’s Video Network portfolio, and the company will continue to operate under its brand using Synamedia’s customer base, financial strength, and global presence.

About Synamedia

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