Sony Interactive Entertainment (“SIE”) announced today that SIE has entered into an agreement to acquire Firesprite Limited, a UK-based video studio with a history of creating high-quality displays for hardware. With over 8 years of partnerships and a portfolio of games showcasing new PlayStation technologies, Firesprite will play a key role in developing a unique SIE game catalog in the form of a PlayStation Studios offers.

Founded by the staff of SIE’s Studio Liverpool Company, Firesprite has a strong track record in developing display games for PlayStation games and outdoor releases. In recent years, Firesprite has partnered with SIE to develop games for the PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®VR releases, including Playroom (PS4) and Playroom VR (PS VR), both of which showcased unique hardware capabilities with excellent quality Sports games.

Originally a unique PS VR, with its latest release, The Persistence, Firesprite inspired the way users to interact with PS VR themes by introducing an open-source social media platform that showcased the studio’s artistic and artistic potential. Completed for suspects in 2018, Firesprite recently released The Persistence Enhanced in June 2021, which promoted the game for the PlayStation®5 to include a DualSense optic wireless controller response, modifier, and turntable.

Herman Hulst, Head of PlayStation Studios, said: “Creating a better, the more modern game has been at the forefront of Firesprite’s work and I’m sure they will push the bar further as part of PlayStation Studio.” “Firesprite’s ability to utilize the latest technology to achieve best-in-class games is unique and I think gamers will be proud of their creative vision for the future.”

“At Firesprite, we are working hard to bring something new to the game or brand, and developing new technology is what drives our passion,” said Graeme Ankers, CEO of Firesprite. “Participating in PlayStation Studios will allow us to maximize this passion, working seamlessly with seamless, high-quality hardware, as well as enhancing our artistic heritage of innovation and technology to deliver truly unique experiences for PlayStation fans.”

Based in Liverpool, UK Firesprite will participate in the global development of PlayStation Studios and will become the fourteenth studio to join the PlayStation Studios family. Firesprite managers will continue to receive daily updates. This business plan will not disclose the cost of acquisition due to contractual obligations.

About Sony Interactive Entertainment

The PlayStation has introduced something new to the market since the launch of the first PlayStation in Japan in 1994. The PlayStation family of products and services includes PlayStation5, PlayStation4, PlayStationVR, PlayStationStore, PlayStationPlus, PlayStation Now, and the popular PlayStation software from PlayStation Studios.

About Firesprite

Founded in 2012 by a team of designers and creative managers with extensive industry experience, Firesprite is a visionary game development company in the midst of developing a Liverpool game with over 200 members. Creating a wide range of game programs for PlayStation games with the release over the years, the mainstay of Firesprite unlocks a new and unforgettable experience for gamers with the best gaming hardware. At Firesprite, the end-user experience always comes first, and team members are passionate about how to combine the best skills training, experience, and code to provide an incredible experience.