Mohamed Salah continued his brilliant form as Liverpool won three-quarters of the Champions League group stage by beating Spanish champions Atletico Madrid in regular matches.

In a hideous and hideous match in the Spanish capital between menacing but weak sides in the rear, the Reds saw the advantage of Antoine Griezmann’s brace.

The Frenchman then continued to show red cards at the start of the second half, allowing the visitors to regain their momentum and take the big win on a nice penalty from Salah, awarded by Mario Hermoso for a big pass, water, and Diogo Jota.

Jota was almost a villain, even though his challenge to Jose Maria Gimenez was punishable – only for the athlete who changed his mind when the VAR convinced him to see what happened at the checkpoint.

Soon, Salah gave the Reds the upper hand after his low shot at the end of the shot scored James Milner’s goal before Naby Keita’s fine volley added to the visitors’ advantage.

Griezmann came close to a great finish and brought Alisson back to balance just before half-time.

But the last word goes to Salah, who is now Liverpool’s top scorer in the Champions League: his two points bring him to 31, one more than Steven Gerrard.

Jurgen Klopp’s side is currently 21 games unbeaten in all competitions and remains a threat to opponents they can’t beat.

In the last nine games, they have conceded 30 points and conceded at least three out of seven away matches.

They have the top five places in Champions League Group B after their best win ever.

However, Atletico boss Diego Simeone, who stayed on the pitch and beat people at home out of anger at him or insulted government officials, didn’t like him and kept walking down the aisle, falling out of condition. of him with Klopp.

Liverpool create fond memories in Madrid

There is something about Liverpool and the Wanda Metropolitano.

In this country and the Spanish capital, they won the European Club Championship for the sixth time in 2019, although this followed Atletico’s first victory at the Stadio Olimpico next season, which helped put an end to their glass defense.

After this incredible match against the La Liga champions, they now have another unintended touch to add to the list.

Just click to show that everything is in the game, but you can barely find out what it really is and sometimes conflict games are not shown.

There are champions who offer great fights and Salah provides further evidence to support his manager’s claim that he is now the best player in the world.

His secret has come to Milner, but his handling and shooting skills for the shot have been crucial in recent results against Manchester City and Watford.

In the end, Griezmann was ruthless and his second goal was mainly to show his intelligence and finishing skills by leaving Virgil van Dijk behind after Joao Felix’s good work.

The Barcelona striker’s first goal has long been tested by the VAR, but officials will conclude that Thomas Lemar didn’t stop with Joel Matip after running alongside Koke for the first time.

The red card that ended Griezmann’s game was controversial, but his boots were tall and even though he appeared to be deliberately dangerous, he had no control over it.

The split between all these performances was a couple of good goals from Alisson, who scored a great goal and returned to his side, despite him giving Atletico almost 3-2 before half-time and a great performance. died.

Finally, up to the punishment: rights granted, no doubt.

Hermoso can’t complain about his bad decision to punish Jota, but a man shot by Liverpool could easily challenge Gimenez in the box on the other side to ruin his squad.

The referee’s decision overturned the recall of the Jota field – which was blocked on the wrong side – and helped Liverpool to a victory that would have led them to the final of a prestigious European tournament.