Watford boss Roy Hodgson said he will not be at the club next season and does not expect to take on another leadership role in the Premier League.

The 74-year-old former England manager was at Buckingham Palace on Wednesday when he was awarded a CBE for his football services.

Watford will play for Crystal Palace on Saturday and will be under siege to the league if they don’t win.

“I enjoyed this job. It’s a very demanding world, ”he said.

Hodgson’s managerial career spans over 45 years and the roster of clubs he heads includes Inter, Blackburn, Fulham, Liverpool, West Brom, and Palace, as well as Swiss national teams, the United Arab Emirates, and Finland.

He left the Palace at the end of last season before being tempted to return when Watford defeated Claudio Ranieri in January.

“It’s a short-term [deal],” Hodgson said. “Of course, I made it clear that it has to be on short notice until the end of the season. I accepted this job and retired to do this specific job.

“Unfortunately, this work is now finished. I don’t think I’ll be promoting my name to have more promise in Premier League football.

“I think I deserve the right to step back and enjoy some free time with my wife and son.”