The Rolling Stones have produced one of the most popular cane sugars on the American screen.

This was followed by controversy in the songwriter’s image, which reached number one in the United States in 1971.

Singer Keith Richards told the LA Times of the decision, but people said he wanted to “hide” the sad song.

“Don’t they know it’s the fear of slavery?” He says.

The 79-year-old decided that “she wishes she could raise a boy her way.”

Sir Mick Jagger, singer, and songwriter, also told the newspaper why the song was abandoned because it was “difficult” to create playlists for stadiums in Vegas.

He said, “We’ve been playing Brown Sugar every night since 1970, and sometimes he thinks he’ll show him now.” “We can put it there.”

Over the years, Brown Sugar has become the second most popular song after Jumpin ‘Jack Flash, according to Setlist. FM.

The team toured Miami, Florida in 2019, the last day of their North American tour, which continued last month.

Controversial issue

Music and writing have encouraged the growth of music and have often been associated with the fear of slavery, sex, sadomasochism, and heroin.

Commenting on the song in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine in 1995, Jagger said, “I’m not writing this song right now.

“Maybe it’ll surprise me. I’ll say, ‘Oh my God, I can’t.’ I have to stop. ”God knows what I’m saying in this song.

In recent years, however, so-called love songs have caught fire.

Last year, producer Ian Brennan criticized the group’s move to continue playing and using music, which he described as “slavery”, blasphemy and fornication.

Brennan told Rolling Stone: “Not for self-control or” access to fire “, but with fire and understanding.”

“This problem is far from the worst problems in human history due to injustice. Group B is not a stick.”

The song reached the UK album when it opened and was released 170 times on Spotify.