It turned out to be a good dream for Pakistani fans.

They only beat India, their main rivals, in the Men’s T20 Cup – they beat them hard.

It was a great victory that brought tears to the eyes of Captain Babar Azam’s father.

India has won every competition between teams and the World Cup. “29 year old injured” stops in Dubai.

“At least I have such a happy life,” said Test Match Special commentator and Pakistani fan Aatif Nawaz.

“I can’t remember a time I liked it more than this.”

Victory against major competitors injured once in the World Cup.

Doing it a dozen times, going back to 1992, your inability to speak for yourself must be exhausting.

2007 T20 World Last, 50 during the last half of 2011, Magic Sachin Tendulkar and Centurion in 2003 – they could all be a little better now.

“It was a great result because nobody expected him to do this, he will do well,” Nawaz said.

“This victory will bring happiness to the whole country, it will make everyone smile in difficult times.

“The Indian players have done a lot of good things. It means a lot. He is happy all over Pakistan.”

At home, supporters watch the game in restaurants, shops, and cinemas. When the time comes for victory, people take to the streets to celebrate. The Prime Minister of Pakistan, cricket legend Imran Khan, congratulated him.

This is the first time the two teams have met since 2019 – another win for India to win the 50+ World Cup in England.

The noise inside the Dubai stadium was muffled, but when Pakistan started running 152 it remained silent. As they chased for victory, many Indian supporters started to come out.

However, the shirt was still worn. This is their time – for them, the thirteenth supports.

Everything is going well with Pakistanis. They won the prize and camped first, knowing that it would be easy to catch up under fire.

After 15 balls, India 6-2. Rohit Sharma, India’s titanic pioneer, and KL Rahul, one of the most powerful athletes in the world, kicked the ball at Shaheen Afridi, who stood up, stretched out his hand, pleading with the crowd for his team members.

Virat Kohli, the guy who is always ready for big events. But Pakistani people continue to tremble. The resulting mass, 151-7, is large, but unlikely.

Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan go between them, knowing that history is against them. But they were never shaken.

Rizwan put the third-year ball in the stands. Babar followed his example, balls shining around him, his foe standing, arms crossed, biting his lip, wondering what to do.

After triumphantly, Babar wept, his mouth wide open. Rizwan ran halfway across the field before retreating to greet his captain.

Kohli was the first to approach them. He hugged them both, a big smile on his face as he thanked them for a wonderful trip.

Both sides know how big this win is and what a big India-Pakistan clash looks like.

Rizwan later said that “all Pakistanis” were watching – that he knew what it was like to sit and watch, doing nothing.

He said, “Congratulations to all Pakistanis and all our people as we are all looking forward to this victory.”

“I watched all the Indo-Pak matches on TV and used them where we made mistakes.

“But today’s game was very good and after Shaheen got that goal, we were sure we would win.”

They won. By doing so, Pakistan has given its supporters an unforgettable night.