Modern boxing, weightlifting, and pentathlon are not included in the original Los Angeles 2028 Olympics schedule but may be added later.

On Thursday, the International Olympic Committee session in Beijing approved a program of 28 sports with “a strong focus on young people”.

Skateboarding, sport climbing, and surfing are included.

LA may offer more sports in 2023.

Boxing, weightlifting, and modern pentathlon could be added to the program next year if they successfully demonstrate that they have solved problems in their sport.

The international boxing federation, AIBA, must demonstrate that it has addressed concerns about the governance of the sport and the integrity of its judging and judging process.

In September, an independent investigation found that the Rio 2016 Olympics had a system in place that allowed officials to rig the outcome of boxing matches.

Weightlifting needs to solve the historic problem of doping in sport and the modern replacement for the pentathlon needs to complement show jumping and make it more attractive to young people.