Noel Gallagher said Oasis were “not afraid” to play two nights at Knebworth before 250,000 fantasies, adding that if the old team had done it now, “it would have disappeared.”

Singer Oasis Knebworth appeared in documents in 1996, mentioning 25 years after the coronation of Britpop, which was released on Thursday.

The UK’s greatest concert film director has revealed it through the eyes of his fans.

Invisible Life also offers stage shows and ballroom dancing.

“I remember being so proud to be there that I didn’t record any stories,” Gallagher told the London audience with fans that his uplifting and personal stories moved the stage to his artistic hobbies.

“It’s only from the Supersonic [2016 documentary] and the movie where you try to get there and start making mistakes because I’m not sure if a lot of bands like us formed.”

Oasis released their debut album maybe in 1994, followed by an even bigger Morning Glory (What’s the Story)? A year later. With the help of small venues, they were able to quickly move from nightclubs and universities to play stadiums, outside the theater, next to Knebworth, Hertfordshire’s magnificent Tudor home and gardens.

“I don’t think we worked a thousand hours before leaving Knebworth, so as not to be afraid,” the guitarist continued. If we had created Knebworth tomorrow, we would ask. But this year at the [old Manchester club] the recordings, reviews, and biographies on Boardwalk will put us in a good place.

“We felt like they were with us and we couldn’t do anything wrong in this place. It wasn’t like that to feel there. We didn’t know it at the time, but the band was at the forefront of the curriculum and we didn’t go there to convince the new fans at home to the journalist that we were the best with Pot Noodles – we knew we were people, we knew we were. and we are in the moment, and we have had;

– It’s history!

Saturday and Sunday movie concerts are seen and leader Liam Gallagher greets people straight from “Knebworth, right?”

At this time little Noel shouts: “History history!” He explained: “Whenever I haven’t been on stage in the past 18 months, I haven’t heard a word about the film and I decided to close it so we all know that night was history. I spoke 20 times.

Historically, this event took place recently at Euro 96 and before the New Career election victory. After many threats, according to Noel, Britain, known as Oasis, Kate Moss, Prince Naseem Hamed, Damien Hirst, and Trainspotting, has recovered. Oasis itself has yet to release a second commercial, so Knebworth was featured last season in terms of lifestyle and wealth, and the houses are worshiping him once again. The concerts also have their radio station

Director Jake Scott, Ridley’s son Gidmy, was asked to attend the closing ceremony.

A Scottish man who played a music video for REM’S Every Dig’s song Oasis Morning Glory, said: “I’ve always wanted to do a rock n ’film concert”. But when he got to Knebworth, “I wasn’t there.”

He then tried to tell the fans what was going on, then looked back. We see crazy tickets, crazy trains, and buses, great information, and talk about the joys of Liam’s love. One of the fans feared that Keith Flint was supporting the Prodigy incident, which nearly stole the show, while another was able to pull Kate Moss and Anna Friel out of the elevator from the theater.

On one occasion, a woman working for the Christmas Ceremony remembered her and her brother, who eventually suffered from cancer; while the boy in his bedroom was enjoying his room listening to a radio concert.

For fans, Noel and Paul “Bonehead” Arthur Guitar suggested old songs like Don’t Look after the Anger, Live Forever, and the first 90’s song, which produced over a thousand songs. Very good. Stone Rose axman John Squire joins an epic encore featuring Cigarettes Supernova and the Beat I Am Walrus orchestral drama.

The only thing fans didn’t understand was the interpretation of the band’s first song, Rock’s ’Roll Star, which was cleverly removed.

1996 Oasis Knebworth Truth

Two and a half million people (over 2% of Britain’s population at the time) requested tickets (at £ 22.50 a pop) for performances sold under 24.

There are about 7,000 people on the guest list, including Kate Moss, Jarvis Cocker, Chris Evans, Mick Hucknall, Martine McCutcheon, Anna Friel, and Ant and Die.

Supporters of Saturday’s activities include the Bootleg Beatles, Chemical Brothers, Color of the Sea, Preachers, and Manic Street Wonder. Sunday’s fights are similar to Kula Shaker, Dreadzone, Casto, Charlatans, and Manico Preachers.

Cool charlatans Rob Collins died in action in a car in Wales three weeks ago, then Liam Gallagher passed him on the Oasis No Shadow track. Noel gave Veve the same idea of ​​the night as Richard Ashcroft.

John Squire joins Oasis at the wide entrance. Guitar and Stone Roses are on the bus every weekend, with a large cargo of riverboats along the southern route.

Knebworth used a performance photo poll for Oasis Time Th Steeve Cover… 1994-2009.

Only 10 were arrested in two days.

Bonehead Oasis guitarist Paul Arthur is expected to move the orchestra immediately following the event. Former opposition team friend Robbie Williams led to victory in 2003, playing the same venue for three consecutive nights.

No doubt the star of the program is young Liam Gallagher, who holds the most senior position. She is seen making jokes, playing with a fan, and talking backstage to a golf cart – actress, actress Patsy Kensit, among other shows.

Although he and Noel both appear to be filmmakers, Liam has yet to earn a bounty (no, you haven’t heard that yet, since the group’s diversity erupted in 2009), and he’s finally the voice actor with a loud voice.