If you see that #cans will continue on social media in the next 48 hours, Newcastle United supporters will be held accountable.

The hashtag shows excitement, with a pot of beer in it, as a £ 305m sponsorship deal from Saudi Arabia has finally come to an end. The truth of what he did 18 months later was amazing. Last week, his supporters celebrated because they heard about the day of reconciliation in January.

Now that one of the most confusing things in the history of the game is over, players can dance on the steps of St. James Park and dream about a better future. This is the future without owner Mike Ashley and a club that can compete with the big Europeans thanks to the billions the Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund (PIF) can provide.

After all, there are still many problems to be solved. How will Saudi Arabia’s human rights record affect the club? Will the Premier League explain how to deal with the team? How much will Newcastle spend? What about manager Steve Bruce? For support venues and clubs that have moved from one film to another in the last two years, there is now at least a gap.

How did Newcastle was taken over?

No one expected it to be accepted this week. The best one can expect is January 2022, when a settlement as a team member, led by financial analyst Amanda Staveley, tries to resolve a dispute in the Premier League over who is eligible for a club.

The state of Saudi Arabia has been accused of violating human rights and was recently put on the copyright line, making it a scam with takeovers based on the efforts of Premier League owners. So all the company has to do is show that the Royal PIF, which will provide 80% of the money to get it, is different from the state. Difficult, perhaps, when Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is nominated for the PIF seat.

But there is a legal guarantee, it happened. It is understood that there will be consequences if the agreement is breached. These groups can also show how PIF invests in companies, including McLaren F1 members, without state control.

Qatari broadcaster beIN Sports was the first to receive news of his arrest on Wednesday who said he had settled his dispute over illegal Premier League football matches in Saudi Arabia. By showing the divide between the state of Saudi Arabia and the PIF, this question will not be relevant. But when allegations that pressured the Premier League blocked his takeovers, it was a highlight of the schedule.

How did Newcastle fans respond?

Newcastle has a total attendance of 48,366 in their three Premier League games this season Undoubtedly, many of his supporters celebrate the independence of Saudi Arabia, no matter what the turmoil may be.

A survey of Newcastle United (NUST) supporters said this week that 93.8% of their members, down from 97% last year, said owner Ashley was told to “leave our club” in almost every game. The situation has become toxic today. Newcastle is unbeaten in the Premier League, with a survey of players saying 94% would like Bruce to leave “for the club”.

They hope it will ease the pain for them if he drinks it. A 250bn PIF IF deal damages the assets of Abu Dhabi, Manchester City, and Qatar owner Paris St-Germain, and could create images of players signed as French World Cup winner Kylian Mbappe or Antonio Conte take over as Bruce’s replacement. Greg Tomlinson from NUST said, “The players have a great chance that Ashley ‘s 14 – year rule is over.” “They are looking forward to hope and confidence in their football club for the first time in many years.

“We don’t want the club to win trophies next season. We just want to grow and the football club will get better.