Kylie Jenner is already a billionaire, but her pregnancy will now bring more money, according to a new report.

She first reported in August that the makeup mogul was expecting her second child with Travis Scott. The pair have been in and out since 2017, and although they fell in October 2019, the pair reappeared together this year when they began posting photos of each other.

After several weeks off, Kylie finally revealed that she was pregnant on Instagram in early September. She shared a video of herself when she found out she was pregnant and told stories to her loved ones, including Travis and her mother, Kris Jenner.

Since then, Kylie has been posting a lot of content that reflects the flaws of her son. This is different from what she did in her last pregnancy. Expecting Stormi’s 3-year-old daughter from 2017 to 2018, Kylie doesn’t work online and often poses for photos in public. But she works fine in the second. The reason for this may be the amount of money she will earn from this pregnancy.

Relying on a smart piece, Kylie was able to increase her net worth during this pregnancy thanks to the support of the brand. It was an opportunity for him to showcase different mother brands on her social media and benefit from doing so.

The statement explains that with 260 million followers on Instagram, Kylie is likely to be paid $ 1.5 million on a support level. In other words, if she publishes a weekly birth certificate about her pregnancy, she could receive up to $ 45 million before her baby arrives.

Even more, Cheat Sheet predicts that she could make $ 50 million from underwear alone, as many brands designed for pregnant women would be itching to get Kylie to wear her clothes while she was still waiting for her.

Ad campaigns and collaborations aren’t the only way Kylie’s empire will grow to do this. The star actually recently announced that she is launching a swimsuit, Kylie Swim, which will also feature a selection for babies. It is unknown at this time what she will do after leaving office.

Additionally, it has been reported that Kylie is also in favor of launching kids and childcare. In June, a documentary revealed that she had a brand, Kylie Baby. Despite creating an Instagram account for the brand, there are few details available about the type of product she will be carrying.