Sega seems to want to push the game promotion by using Microsoft Azure cloud.

In May, Sega announced plans to launch a “Super Game” over the next 5 years. Now, a Japanese newspaper publisher has signed up to Microsoft for an important link, as well as plans to use Azure cloud technology of this great technology.

Announcing the announcement over the weekend, Sega announced that it has partnered with Microsoft to “create a great global game for the next generation of development environments.” In particular, Sega talks about using 5G in this cloud technology, both in terms of creating games and distributing them.

At the heart of the partnership is Sega’s “Super Game” project. Described as a platform for creating new IPs that can reach the world, this week’s announcement expands only on non-essential passwords such as “Global”, “Online”, “Community” and “IP IP”. Over the past few years, Sega has been well-regarded as a leading (if not huge) publisher of Japanese strategy and RPG games, but to some extent, a publisher the body seems to be interested in publishing the contents and effects of those cultures. , the first Sonic Games.

Sarah Bond, CVP at Microsoft, said, “SEGA has worked iconically in the gaming industry and has been a great partner for many years.” “We look forward to working together as they explore new ways to create a unique gaming experience for the future through the use of Microsoft cloud technology. and the aim of adding value to the players in SEGA.

This isn’t the first time Sega and Microsoft have, of course, partnered with these two companies in a partnership to release 11 games only on the original Xbox, as part of an unparalleled control panel in Japan. Sega endorsed its announcement of “Super Game” to launch an old IP, and while that may be a deliberate idea, I am working hard for a revival of Jet Set Radio Future in any form.

Twenty years ago, Nat Jet Set ran Radio Future for the first time and has not stopped thinking about the game since. Coming to PC gamers in 2020, it comes from three years of self-appeal in Rock Paper Shotgun, Waypoint, VG247, and more. Getting into European indie movies and creating little popular games like Can Androids Pray, Nat is on the lookout for new things to shout out, whether it’s the best indie lover or the only one who turns Scotmid into a Black Mesa. . He played for the Splatoon team and appeared in public at Apex Legends under the Horizon title.