Reality TV star Katie Price admitted to driving under the influence of alchol and drugs without insurance and was disqualified after a car accident.

Katie Price was arrested after her car crashed near Partridge Green in West Sussex, Sussex police said. Then he told the police, “I’ve been taking drugs, I’m not allowed to drive,” a court heard.

Katie Price pleaded guilty to all charges before the Crawley Magistrate Court. She will be sentenced on December 15. Sussex Police said officers responded to reports of a single-vehicle collision on the B2135 near Partridge Green around 06:20 BST Tuesday. After the accident, a Price was taken to the hospital.

After the police confronted them at the scene, they were heard saying: “I have used drugs, I am not allowed to drive, I admit everything,” the court said. Drug tests showed a positive value for cocaine, Attorney General Debbie Jones told the court. Joe Harrington, Price’s attorney, said: ‘If I understand correctly, she was drinking, she was alone and decided to visit a friend who lived relatively close by, and when the accident happened.

“She’s had a lot of personal problems lately. “She is currently in bankruptcy, so his house could be foreclosed. “So a lot is going on in this woman’s life, a very difficult time.”

Tribunal chair Julie Hutton temporarily banned Price from driving, warning her: “We regularly send people to prison for driving while they are disqualified.”

Price has been told that his sentence will be postponed to December 15, provided he is treated at the Priory Center and commits no other offenses. She was also told to be released on parole. Mrs. Hutton said to her, “On that basis, ma’am, you may wish the abbey the best of luck.”