Daniel Craig ended the first week of his new James Bond film by becoming a celebrity of 2,704 people to honor him as a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in California.

It was unveiled outside 7007 Hollywood Boulevard, in honor of the legendary British spy code number. Meters is the star of his Bond-like predecessor, Sir Roger Moore. Craig, who has played 007 since 2006, said it was “an absolute honor to be certified in Hollywood”.

Bond producers Michael G Wilson and Barbara Broccoli have introduced the 53-year-old, alongside his unhindered 007 co-star Rami Malek. Before revealing his star, Craig said, “Michael Wilson and Barbara Broccoli, thank you from the bottom of my heart. If it weren’t for you I wouldn’t be here today – thanks for the kind words. Thanks, Rami for the beautiful, beautiful.

“I never thought I’d hear that, but it’s an absolute honor to get a degree in Hollywood.”

It came after a time his untimely demise won critical acclaim and won the box office hit for every British Bond film, followed by repeated delays to its panda release day. Coronavirus. The film was released on Friday in the United States. Craig said, “If our company keeps things fun, then I’m a very happy person to be on the side of the news that surrounds it. So thank you very much.”

Malek, who won Oscars for his roles as Queen Freddy Mercury and Bohemian Rhapsody, plays the supervillain Safin in a new episode of Bond films. Speaking at the event, he praised Craig as an actor and co-worker. Malek said, “We all know he is a great actor, he is dedicated, he can use one hand for his back and the other for Negroni,” “But he is as careful with his skills as he is with empathy for everyone around him.

“He has the ability to hold on to two things that can be challenged at the same time: great authority and tremendous responsibility and wonderful love and awareness of the needs of those around him.” Immunization protesters also attended the event, to protest Los Angeles violating strict immunization laws in the United States.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame boasts an annual Walk of Fame star, who is nominated by one hundred nominations. Recipients also pay a $50,000 sponsorship fee, which is paid for their creative and stellar contributions, as well as a total fundraiser.