FIFA has asked Russia, after invading Ukraine, to complete its next matches on neutral territory under the name of the Football Union of Russia without its flag and song.

Several nations have announced their refusal to play in Russia, including England and Wales, as well as Poland, the Czech Republic, and Sweden.

In the 2022 World Cup repeat, Russia will play Poland before taking on the Czech Republic or Sweden in the event of a win – and is expected to play in March.

Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a military invasion of neighboring Ukraine on Thursday.

Polish FA president Cezary Kulesza said FIFA’s decision was “completely unacceptable” and both the Swedish FA and the Czech Republic reiterated their stance against playing Russia.

“We are not interested in taking part in this game. Our position remains: the Polish national team will not play for Russia, regardless of the name of the team,” he said.

Swedish FA President Karl-Erik Nilsson told Fotbollskanalen he was “not happy” with FIFA’s decision.

He said: “Our point of view is no different today and the situation in Ukraine hasn’t changed just because we got the message from Fifa, so today we don’t have a different opinion.

“We also want to talk to Poland and the Czech Republic so that we can give our opinion back to FIFA, but we expected a stronger position from FIFA. We would have done that.”

The European Women’s Championship will be held in England in July and Sweden, together with the Netherlands and Switzerland, are in the same group as Russia.

FIFA said talks are ongoing with other sports organizations to decide whether to ban Russia from the tournaments.

“FIFA would like to reiterate its criticism of Russia’s use of force during the invasion of Ukraine,” the world governing body said in a statement on Sunday.

“Violence is never a solution and FIFA expresses its deepest solidarity with all those affected by what is happening in Ukraine.

“FIFA will continue its ongoing dialogue with the International Olympic Committee, UEFA, and other sports organizations to determine further measures or sanctions, including the banning of competitions, to be implemented shortly if the situation does not improve quickly.

“FIFA’s thoughts are with everyone affected by this frightening and frightening situation.”

On Sunday, the Football Association announced that England would not play international matches against Russia after invading Ukraine.

The FA strongly condemned the attacks by the Russian leadership.

A British football association said the match boycott would last “a long time”.

The Football Association of Wales condemned the Russian invasion, saying it “stands in solidarity with Ukraine and is deeply saddened and shocked by recent developments in the country”.

He also said Wales “won’t play an international game against Russia for a long time, at any level of the game”.