Rolling Stone and Dr.Dre is working on a new track for Grand Theft Auto.

Snoop will be working on some of these tracks, though it’s not yet known if the GTA project for GTA 6, the GTA Online expansion, or if it has anything to do with the GTA trilogy coming out next month.

“I know he plays terrible music,” Snoop said, echoing his best friend’s movements. “And some of the music is related to the upcoming GTA game. So I think this is how the music will be released, from the GTA video game.”

The above statement is the answer to the question about Detox, by Drs. Dre is working on the 2015 Compton album. GTA Online is the same way other artists release albums on Fortnite. I repeat, the judgment is pure. Mrs. Dr. Representatives of Dre and Rockstar did not name Rolling Stone.

The unfortunate thing is that Drs. Dre is recording the next installment of GTA Online’s “Expansions and Upgrades”, which will roll out to next-gen consoles in early 2022. Or it may not be possible to license any music from the original GTA 3D Trilogy, so Rockstar is offering a completely new music service. . Or maybe Snoop had agreed that Dr. Dre will appear in GTA 6. One of these options is more fun than the other.