One of Warzone’s deadliest weapons is now two sticks.

Call of Duty: Many weapons in Warzone are still used on wooden roads. Kali Sticks, a melee weapon that occupies your second slot, appears to have replaced Call of Duty’s standard combat knife in the first place, but this boxing game is dreaded with a flute: insert n ‘3 meters generously, over that good as a couple. the swings will kill you faster than any other machine gun.

No Complaints About Unreasonable Energy Kali Stick is nothing new. I see at least one new post about how powerful they are every time I look at a Warzone subreddit, but that’s what makes them so special – no problem at Kali Sticks, I think.

There are no changes in the game where they were added in June 2020 as part of Warzone Season 4 (so you don’t have to worry about Warzone Season 2 in 2021 or Season 4 coming in 2022 delayed due to Covid-19).

Why are Kali Sticks so hard? First, Kali Sticks (like Warzone’s other melee weapons) can have fire cover making them easy to use. If you are within 10 feet of the start of the combo, Kali Sticks will force you to go forward like a Halo power sword and then “attack” your flying object. From there, it takes less than seconds to kill the enemy from perfect health. The difference between Kali and other melee missiles is that they can run faster than when they deal a lot of damage per unit, giving them more DPS.

Most of Kalis’s damage comes from a fantasy monster that usually occurs in the second attack to its combination – if established, the fight is over. . It is complicated to have players run around you within 2 feet with a shotgun, especially for controlled players who cannot increase their FOV to get a better side view. This is not to say that staying on target will be crucial, assuming Kalis kills you faster than most of the weapons in the game.

Kali’s high damage creates a frustrating situation where players have to kill a Kali worker before going to stop him, or take their own and turn it into a finger fight to the death.

The chaos on the Kali Sticks is a quieter noise than Warzone’s previous examples of warfare, but the frustration has increased since Kalis revealed that she is a beautiful spirit in the new Warzone Halloween style. Of course, it’s not as big as the 2021 DMR-14 nerfing saga. The Kalis is the second melee weapon, and most combat in Warzone takes a long time in between. But in the neighborhood, an experienced Kali user can use many squads to mop the floor, maybe not.

New timezone warzone weapons, including a katana, baseball bat, and ballistic knife, are often seen as new. In most cases, it makes sense to fill your second hole with SMG or a reliable sniper rifle that fits your size. So far, the Kali Sticks is seen as a useless force without a real game other than the Take-Away game.

If the ongoing complaint gets worse, the Raven Software developer could suffer a nerf with future updates. As we all know, it could be in service as part of December’s first Vanguard season, which will link Vanguard to Warzone and introduce a new Caldera map.