Manchester United striker Anthony Elanga has been accused of racial profiling while playing for Sweden’s Under-21 team against Italy, the Swedish FA said.

Sweden filed a complaint against the sports referee and deputies accusing Elanga, 19.

The Italian Football Federation (FIGC) has denied the allegations.

Claes Eriksson in Sweden said: “Nobody should be exposed to racism. It is completely unacceptable.”

“We all fell behind and supported AElanga in that.”

In a statement, the FIGC said: “In response to comments made by the Swedish Football Association on its website and published by various media, the FIGC denies any wrong committed by the international football player. A match between Italy and Sweden that took place yesterday in Monza racist offenses against an opponent emerged, among other things we know, neither the players nor the Uefa representatives have seen it.

“The competent body is expected to explain the matter immediately, as happened on a TV show … at 29 ‘these two Swedes have already waited a long time”, recalled the Italian player, to let him resume the game as much as possible. soon as possible. We repeat that he did not. The alleged racist offense before, during, or after and with the FIGC will protect his image and the image of his players.

At the same time, the FIGC underlines the commitment of all football in Italy and in particular of the national teams, through various initiatives, to combat racism and condemns any further abuse or domestic “.

The Under 21 European Championship ended 1-1 on Tuesday, with Sweden drawing in the 92nd minute.

Elanga made only one appearance for United this season, coming in as a substitute in the West Ham Carabao Cup win in September.

UEFA teams will have to wait for reports from the referees and match officials before deciding what to do.

We contacted the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) for comment.