Britney Spears described the breakup of a policy that governed many aspects of her life for 13 years as the “best day”.

“I think she will cry,” she told her 35 million followers of hers on Instagram.

A Los Angeles judge on Friday denounced a shop founded by the 39-year-old singer’s father in 2008 with immediate effect.

Fans gathered outside the Los Angeles courthouse to support Spears, who reported the treatment was abusive.

Jamie’s father said it was “important”, but he believed it was time to “get his life back”.

Attorney Jamie Spears said at the first court filing: “Her life was chaotic and she was under physical, emotional, mental, and financial stress.”

The guardian has authority over her finances and her employment, as well as important personal matters, such as visiting her with her teenage son and whether she can remarry.

On Friday, Los Angeles County Chief Judge Brenda Penny decided to ask the singer to eliminate all parties involved in the contest.

As part of the ruling, Judge Penny said the treasurer serving as the temporary security guard will retain certain rights to resolve the ongoing financial crisis.

Speaking to the crowd outside the courthouse, Spears’ attorney Mathew Rosenart praised the singer’s “trust” during the trial.

He said he was proud to have “brought the fire safety company from California to New York” and, thanks to his testimony, new laws have been enacted “to ensure that firearms like this don’t happen … for always”.

Her friends are also happy to follow through with the decision. Leading businessman and entrepreneur Paris Hilton tweeted “this time it’s long gone”, adding, “Your best day is yet to come!”

On Monday, the reader of Baby One More Time on Toxic wrote on Instagram that he “wasn’t praying for anything else in my life.”

“I know I’m saying a few things on Instagram in anger and I’m sorry, but I’m only human … and I’m sure we think the same if you and I!”

In a lawsuit filed in June, the star called on the judge to end the “offensive” remarks and she said she was “hurt”.

Speaking in a distant classroom, she said she had drugs, she was forced to go insane and barred from marrying and having many children.

Her testimony convinced her father to come on her part.

Safety insurance is used for people who are unable to make decisions on their own and apply due to their mental health problems.