On the BTS member’s first solo album, “Indigo,” the song is included. On Friday, December 2, RM’s debut solo album, Indigo, was released. To celebrate, the BTS rapper shared the lead single, “Wild Flower,” and its corresponding music video.

The South Korean rock singer youjeen is featured in the song “Wild Flower,” which has an eerie drum and synth beats and, as the song’s title suggests, a tranquil, natural theme.

RM acknowledged that the world around him served as a major source of inspiration for his first solo album. RM’s record is indigo.

From the hues of people, the environment, etc. a record of my youth during its formative years of independence. Like worn-out jeans, a sun-bleached record faded.

The star teased in a preview video posted on November 22 that it would be “the last archive of my twenties.”

Although indigo is RM’s first full-length solo album, the rapper has released two mixtapes before Mono in 2018 and his 2015 self-titled mixtape. The “Wild Flower” music video can be seen below.

According to a press release made public ahead of the album’s release, “Indigo recounts the stories and experiences RM has gone through, like a diary,” promising to “present a different charm” to the South Korean rapper.