In terms of her live performance, Lizzo is pleased with the “level (she’s) functioning on.” Every night on tour, the About Damn Time singer and her band go all out and give the crowd their all.

In line with this, Lizzo loves it when her live performances stun people. When it comes to performing live, I don’t play, therefore I’m excited about this.

People will truly understand, “Oh this is serious,” after they realize the mic is on, the choreography was choreographed, the looks are looking, the Big Grrls are on point, the band is on point, and Sophia Eris (Lizzo’s longtime friend and DJ) and I are on point.

Lizzo expects that more people will see “the level I’m functioning on” as a live artist after a concert film she uploaded on HBO Max on New Year’s Eve.

The singer of Truth Hurts opens the show in the movie, which was filmed in Inglewood, California while she was on her Special arena tour, by requesting the audience to share a recent instance of self-kindness. She does this because she wants her fans to feel happy, secure, and loved in a secure environment.

To make her followers feel visible, she also requests that the auditorium’s house lights be turned on. People with pit tickets who are pressed up against the fence may glance at me and say, “Ah, she looked at me.”

I want to convey the same impression to those who believe they are in the nosebleeds and are perched far over the arena’s roof: I can see you too.