The changes mean now developers on steam can lower their prices more often and more easily.

Valve has announced dates for all upcoming Steam sales in the first half of 2022, including a major summer sale in July, and is also making some changes to its sales policies that I hope will come to life a little easier for developers and offer more for gamers. ways to spend your money.

First, the next list of Steam sales and seasonal themes:

The surprising

Steam Next Fest: Focus on upcoming games with playable demos February 21-28

Steam Next Fest: More games coming, more demos – June, exact dates still open

Steam Summer Sale: A great summer show on Steam from June 23 to July 7

Thematic sale:

Remote Play Together: This event includes co-op, online, split-screen, or split-screen games. All games that support RemotePlay Together are eligible. (February 28 – March 7)

JRPG: This event shows JRPG titles. you know who you are (March 14-21)

SimFest – Hobby Edition: For games that turn hard work into fun. Want to try a new career or hobby without years of training or tons of expensive equipment? Here are your games (March 28 – April 4)

Die-a-lot: Die again and again and die again. There is usually some progress, but not always. Play with major Roguelike, Roguelite, Metroidvanias, or Souls-like game mechanics. (May 2-9)

Race: Drive, fly, park. Things that compete fast, on wheels, on water, or in the air. (May 23-30)

Survival: Build your territory, search for food and avoid relentless death. This event is for survival-based games as much as possible. July 18-25

This isn’t a complete list of upcoming Steam events in the first half. Valve said it will host more themed sales throughout 2022 “to highlight many of the interesting themes and genres prevalent on Steam” and will also host regional sales and other promotions hosted by external groups for events such as PAX and give Gamescom.

Valve is also making changes from the developer that it hopes “will make discount eligibility more predictable and provide more participation opportunities throughout the year.” Under current rules, there must be a six-week cooling-off period between game discounts, outside of major seasonal offers; Starting March 28, this cool-down will be reduced to 28 days, except for ongoing seasonal offers.

Here’s a full rundown of the new rules:

You can grant an initial discount, but once the initial discount expires, you cannot grant additional discounts for 28 days.

Your product cannot be returned in any currency for 28 days after the price increase.

Discounts cannot be applied within 28 days of the previous discount, except for seasonal events on Steam.

Discounts on seasonal sales cannot be applied within 28 days of your title being released, within 28 days of your initial discount expiring, or within 28 days of a price increase in any currency.

You cannot change the price while the promotion is in progress or planned for the future.

The product cannot be reduced by more than 90% or less than 10%.

Personalized discounts cannot last longer than two weeks or less than one day.

From a player’s perspective, this isn’t a seismic shift, but it does mean that games can go on sale more often throughout the year, giving you more opportunities to give them your money. Because if there’s one thing we all suffer from, it’s a lack of sales on Steam, right?

Steam is currently in the middle of sales for Lunar New Year 2022. it will run until February 3rd.