With the inability to qualify for major competitions and fall to number 51 in the world, Denmark has grown again.

The semifinals of Euro 2020 qualified for the unbeaten World Cup and could not be discouraged until the 89th minute of the comfort of the Faroe Islands on Friday.

Now one of the best teams in Europe, Kasper Hjulmand’s men want to finish the campaign unbeaten when they face Scotland at Hampden on Monday.

How do Danes get it so successfully?

Hareide promotes club vibes in the public outcry

Denmark is untouchables heading to Qatar 2022 and is currently ranked 10th in the FIFA world rankings, behind Mexico, Spain, and Portugal, and ahead of big wins like the Netherlands and Germany.

But, in the summer of 2017, Denmark joined the interest of Montenegro and Saudi Arabia as their status dropped due to their victory at the 2014 World Cup and Euro 2016.

Fans’ apologies for the national team’s style have grown exponentially in recent years from longtime manager Morten Olsen.

The new motivation was required and Norwegian coach Age Hareide was commissioned to provide the motivation when he was sworn in as Olsen’s successor in March 2016.

“Hareide deserves a lot of praise for turning his attention to one country,” said Denmark international Erik Sviatchenko, a former Celtic defender who has now returned home with the Midtjylland champions.

“Every several years when people have not watched sports, on the stadium or TV.

Then, when Hareide took over and began to win, despite the more effective form, something happened among the Danes. They are having fun but Hareide has turned the club into a club.

“It gives them a lot of joy to meet national teams and do more than just play and go home. They are starting to believe they can do something special.”

The undisputed spirit and relationship with the community helped Hareide bring the group back to a higher level. After finishing second behind Poland in qualifying, Denmark defeated the Republic of Ireland 5-1 in another round to reach the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

Croatia in second place eventually stopped running out of penalty shootouts, but the rise of the United Nations continued with promotion at the top level.

So it is worth reaching the Euros that, when Hareide left last summer a year earlier than expected after beating the final for 12 months, Denmark played 34 games of unprecedented proportions.

Fantasy Thinkers’ Hjulmand & Galvanized Fear Eriksen

The Hjulmand solution – apart from Belgium’s first-half victory – has grown exponentially as it develops Denmark to become an expanding and strong sector.

Hjulmand took the lead after two games against Nordsjaelland as Thomas Tuchel’s substitute in the German Mainz region.

He developed a national team but at first, he was skeptical as a “fantasy thinker”. After all, not all managers are inviting politicians, artists, artists, intellectuals, and entrepreneurs to discuss national identity with one another. can be expressed.

“It’s different from that and it’s a good way to get closer,” Sviatchenko said.

“He used to say that national teams should be there for everyone, for the kids playing in the camp, for the famous players.”

Hjulmand won an international award this summer for his compassionate leadership following the heart attack of footballer Christian Eriksen on the pitch during the opening of Euro 2020 Denmark.

Despite Finland’s defeat and Belgium’s victory, Denmark beat Russia 4-1 on a thrilling night in Copenhagen. Because of their trip, they went to the last half, where they handed over to England at the end of the day.

“Galvanization is a good way to define it,” Sviatchenko says. “The fans in the city also love the Danish team more.

“Special. I’ve never seen this feeling before, even as a soccer player. I want to be a part of it, watch the game with my son, show him what a country means.

“It’s good that something wonderful has a sense of unity.”