Rick Ross agreed to pay Brianna Singleton $ 11,000 a month. Check out the available details below.

The Shadow Room discovers that Rick Ross and Briana Singleton argued over a paternity case, and the case finally appears to be closed.

Says TSR, “According to @TMZ T.V, the judge in the Ross case signed a petition for $ 11,000 a month in monthly support payments for their three children.”

“The legal papers also state that Rick Ross has agreed to pay health insurance for the children and their extracurricular activities if they exceed $ 7,560,” TSR wrote.

One fan commented, “He definitely got the money for it, but he played. Half goes on” and a newbie posted this: “Make me laugh at the 340 I get for almost two months!”

Fans wrote this post, “Nah Rick Ross had too much money,” and one commenter said, “Fair enough. Hell, these people aren’t spending 11,000 a month. ‘

Another trailer noted, “It’s really not enough, that’s about $ 3,600 per child and only $ 132,000 a year.

Not bad as a multimillionaire. ‘

A trailer noted: “That’s right. That’s 3 kids, that’s a little over $ 3,600 for each kid. That’s enough, not an exaggeration, “and one commenter said,” I don’t think you’ve read the article that said these and after-school activities pay off. “A few seconds of reading would save you that comment.”

Another said, “Most women will be what they imagined … but they actually did … that’s 11,000 for 3 children if they pay 30 to 50,000 a month for home care. “