Rendever, a virtual reality (VR) platform created to help older people overcome social isolation through shared experiences, today announces the launch of a new virtual reality platform, RendeverFit, a virtual reality application that connects physical and mental health with social well-being specifically for adults. This new product offering comes with the introduction of the $ 2M NIH Phase II, allowing the Rendever team to explore more virtual reality effects in adults.

Studies show that exercise among adults reduces the chances of many chronic diseases and conditions, delays the onset of disability, and improves overall health and well-being. Meanwhile, social interactions are being shown to improve mental, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. In response, RendeverFit was developed, which combines exercise with public participation so that older adults stay healthy while having fun.

“Social health is a very important factor when a family is considering whether a loved one should move to an urban area or stay at home. Through Rendever’s research, we understand the impact of virtual reality on public health, and look forward to continuing to develop our platform for a holistic approach to well-being, “said Kyle Rand, Rendever’s co-founder, and CEO,” by combining fitness physical and social well-being, RendeverFit will help local seniors expand their caregiver through our platform.

At launch, there are three modules on the RendeverFit platform, including Cycle, Paddle, and Paint, which are promoted by Rendever’s MultiBrush, the first version of the Tilt Brush released by the company in February.

RendeverFit is designed to make movement occupants completely safe while still allowing them to create content and compete against their neighbors, “said Tom Neumann, Rendever co-founder, and CTO.” Sweet, we’ve heard from staff and residents that there is motivation and excitement for exercising through RendeverFit. “

RendeverFit is Rendever’s first product in the gym, but it follows other recent developments in the way the company expands health benefits. In response to the COVID-19 disease, the company launched RendeverLive to offer live programs that included weekly breaks and was engaging health and wellness educators through the platform. The company recently announced a partnership with a mental health program at Muse.

Marcus Kubicheck from Monarch Healthcare Management said: “When I and members of my community saw RendeverFit, I had a big problem with the space and visual application that this platform would provide. Sharing, especially after training!

RendeverFit will be unveiled to the public at the 2021 Argentum Senior Living Executive Conference & Expo in Phoenix, Arizona, September 13-15, 2021. Attendees will be able to showcase and see RendeverFit for the first time by attending the Rendever store (# 529) inside of the Expo exhibition. For anyone traveling a mile through the Argentum cycle, Rendever will offer Pedal an Alzheimer’s grant, helping to find a cure for dementia.

RendeverFit is now available for purchase for all living adults and health teams, as well as delivery of the system as of December 2021.

About Rendever

From urban areas to hospitals, her platform is used to reduce depression and loneliness by promoting connections between people where life is shortened. Group session participants can view word-of-mouth lists, browse helpful sites and share stories, interact with family members, and more. Rendever employs high-quality staff with high profiles, including Revera, Benchmark, and SRG, medical systems such as UCHealth and Cleveland Clinic, has NIH and NIA approved audits, as well as key partners such as AARP and Verizon have a business relationship.