Ubisoft today released a lengthy video outlining its plans for its seventh year at Rainbow Six Siege, and there’s a lot to look forward to in this multiplayer tactical shooter.

Perhaps the most exciting announcement is that Siege will receive three new maps in its seventh year, one for the first three seasons of the year. The first will be a competitive card in an Irish club and the second season will be presented as a deadly card in Greece. Season 3 gets another competitive map, this time in Singapore, the home country of a new operator this season.

The team also described new efforts to target toxic players and prevent harassment. Spectators can now report players watching them play, and the team will proactively disable intuitive chat, voice, and text features for players who have reported abuse.

I’m a little curious about how to apply the friendly shooting limit because it seems like it might be a perk you might consciously inspire before playing ranked matches, for example, but we have to do it. See how it works in the game.

Ubisoft will gradually roll out a reliable system throughout the year, the main feature of which is the limited account capabilities for stealth players. A video from Ubisoft mentions the Alpha Pack and Test Server awards as privileges only for low-profile gamers.

Siege will also see major changes like the game: Team Deathmatch and Arcade will have playlists in progress starting in year 7, responding to the public’s demand for more content as Blade’s maximum intensity will be lower.

For fans with maximum knife intensity, the ranking system will be revamped in Season 2. The team has promised bigger and better rewards and adapted how the placement games work. More importantly, the new system puts players where they want to be positioned, allowing them to progress and develop in subsequent matches.

Year 7 will also introduce many new accessibility features, including more options for the weapon scene, more detailed gamepad settings, and clearer indicators that will show the team widgets involved.

Finally, some operators will undergo a major overhaul and rebalancing, with particular reference to Thatcher. The video also included a code for the free spell, which is redeemable under the code “R6SI-SI22-CHIB-CHAR”, although some commentators have reported having difficulty getting it to work. Overall, the look of the year is the most popular tactical starter.