Piers Morgan said his controversial departure from ITV’s Good Morning Britain last year was a “farce” but “made everyone’s heads spin” about free speech.

The host is ready to launch her first television show after the controversy over her views on the Duchess of Sussex.

Piers Morgan Uncensored will be broadcast on the new TalkTV channel in the UK, US, and Australia.

You also criticized ITV for “censoring” it. The network has previously claimed to support free speech.

Morgan left the breakfast show last March after saying “she didn’t believe a word,” Meghan said in an interview with Oprah Winfrey.

“Little game”

His comments resulted in a record 58,000 complaints at Ofcom. The British media regulator subsequently dismissed the complaints, saying that limiting her views would be a “terrible cut” on free speech.

Before the launch of his new show, Morgan said: “I thought I was being censored and obviously when I left Good Morning Britain it turned out that I was indeed censored, meaning I was told I had to apologize to the amazing princess. Pinocchio or I had to leave the building.

“So I chose to leave the building, which I think was a sad time for me and the show. I thought it was the wrong call from ITV.

“It was a bit dramatic, but what it did was put everyone’s minds on it, ‘What is free speech?'”

The 57-year-old said his new TalkTV show would “wipe the canceled ones.”

ITV said Morgan decided to leave Good Morning Britain and the company accepted that decision.

TalkTV will launch in the UK on April 25 and the Morgan show will also air on Fox Nation in the US and Sky News Australia.

Referring to his departure from ITV, Morgan said: “I thought it was all a hoax and I am delighted that we now have an entire network dedicated to preventing this kind of philosophy from happening again.”

Setting the boundaries of his new show and approach to free speech, he said, “You shouldn’t be embarrassed, disobeyed, or pretend you have an opinion unless you’re making fun of really hateful things.”

He said, “We know where that line is. You can have a debate with someone, you strongly disagree with, and be very critical. You can call me any kind. Good.

“But the moment you try to set me on fire as Meghan Markle did in Good Morning Britain, where she writes to an ITV boss asking for my face on a plate, that’s elite culture on the pitch.

“Then he just got to know us. But that’s why I’m here and I’m grateful to them because I think it’s a great new platform and opportunity.”