The brand created A.I. graphics showcasing the hue using Mid journey. Viva Magenta, a vivid shade of pink, has been named Pantone’s much-anticipated color of the season for 2023.

The hue is all about joyful celebration, risk-taking, and uninhibited self-expression. We seek inspiration from our surroundings and the real world as virtual realms take over more of our everyday life.

It’s red with cochineal, one of the most expensive dyes in the family of natural dyes and one of the most potent and brilliant colors ever created, and served as the inspiration for Pantone 18-1750 Viva Magenta.

The final product is an animated LED tunnel that combines photos of space from NASA’s space agency archives as well as magenta-hued vistas taken by the James Webb Space telescope. The exhibit converts images into sound using NASA sonification technology.

Other high-tech features include a LIDAR sensor that users will activate while navigating the area. This sensor will cause data to be shown in real-time. Midjourney, an A.I. generative tool, was used by Pantone to produce the first set of pictures to depict the hue.

The exhibition Magentaverse: Pantone Color of the Year 2023 will run from December 3, 2022, until February 20, 2023, at Artechouse, 736 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida.