VNM USA announces that ONE Entertainment and OpenGate Entertainment have acquired film licenses for the NFT directory and have started production of the film under the brand name NFT Transformation. The NFT Transformation is a long-term show that aims to bring something exciting to the audience and possible explanations for the popularity of NFT and examines the various arguments related to their carbon footprint and whether NFTs are a bubble.

Brent Johnson, President, and Co-Manager of the Entertainment Group. The NFT transformation will highlight the future, technicians, and entrepreneurs with complex NFT knowledge and entry into the future – as an important part of the media that fosters audience interaction, the ear becomes the symbol of the main conversation.

“NFT is such a fast target that it is difficult to get involved in a single NFT story, especially when the average time to produce a movie is 18 months or more. However, we face this challenge and face many NFTs -Pioneers to the side to help us. Mike Anderson, founder, and co-founder of OpenGate Entertainment said, “Stand out for the theme we put on the film.” With the NFT Guide as the guide for newspapers, the NFT revolution is on the verge of becoming the standard in NFT education – bringing millions of people to the huge impact NFT will have on the industry unprecedented.

One Entertainment Group is an international entertainment company based in Los Angeles specializing in live programming, global entertainment distribution, and international business planning.

Creating sharp and unobtrusive content on a variety of platforms, OpenGate Entertainment specializes in developing new skills, building bridges for YouTubers, and promoting a variety of platforms at all levels.