As the NBA celebrates its 75th anniversary, it promises to be a time full of turnarounds.

It has been three months since the Milwaukee Bucks, led by Giannis Antetokounmpo, defeated the Phoenix Suns and became one of the first NBA champions since 1971.

In doing so, Antetokounmpo, nicknamed “Greek Freak”, silenced many critics and called him the most feared musician (MVP).

After a brief workshop that has many companies raising eyebrows, the conference will resume on Tuesday afternoon (Wednesday at 00:30 BST).

Here are some key points that could be part of where Larry O’Brien’s NBA tournament will end this summer.

Is it a competition or a flop for the Brooklyn net?

Ask a few experts, and they’ll tell you that Brooklyn is where you can get a name. But the predictions come ‘if’ – if they can put the top three – Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and James Harden – on the field at the same time.

Before he could play, the expected trip suddenly fell.

“In New York City, working in public places, immunizations are given. Kyrie Irving also admits that he will not receive any immunizations that make him unfit to play,” explained Chris Carrino, public relations officer. calling.

He said, “I think it’s fair to say that there are high expectations for success, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be a disaster.”

Big kicks were received last year but injuries mean all three players have only played a few games.

Irving’s current transfer fee is $33m (£24m) – so if he’s not yet fit to play he could be sold under as strong of a Covid law as in New York.

“I hope, despite the huge impact he has had on vaccines, Kyrie decides to get vaccinated because I want to see him play basketball this season,” NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said last night.

“It’s between Irving and New York City right now. It’s not a team relationship… but I think it would be good for everyone if all the players were vaccinated.”

Should Irving leave New York, a permanent goal is being considered for Philadelphia 76ers goalkeeper Ben Simmons?

Nonetheless, the 76ers are expected to maintain interest in the 25-year-old All-Star.

The Australian was unhappy with his teammates, hitting the ball first in protest and practice at first, despite being on the team.

LeBron James & friends

Not only has LeBron James spent more than half of his life in the NBA – he’s always been one of the best players. Now that he is 36, the big question is how long will he live?

The four-time NBA champion has suffered a leg injury in the past and returned to the Los Angeles Lakers in one game.

Frequently arguing with Michael Jordan as a GOAT player, James will be eager to prove that he is still his favorite. He uses his powers to bring his old friend Carmelo Anthony, 37, to LA

Also in the purple and gold gown was the famous Rajon Rondo, 35, who kicked their ball in 2018-2020. The key hope for the Lakers is that All-Star Russell Westbrook falls nine times, signed by the Washington Wizards, in their system.

He will be thirty-two in three years.

Through all of his performances, he has shown that he can be a key player for James and the Lakers want him to be a good team. Westbrook’s career is still hot right now during his 14-year career in the NBA.