Jeff Bezos was quick to be the center of attention this week, and all eyes were on him as he embarked on an incredible career. That was just one of the many incredible things that he has done in the last few days. He also donated two large donations of $ 100 million, and one of the biggest checks has gone to none other than CNN commentator Van Jones. After giving him the gift of space, Bezos proved that Jones was free to do whatever he wanted with the money. Bezos then explained that he is committed to his commitment to creating a peaceful and civilized city and that he is rewarding Jones for his efforts to this day. Another recipient of the second check for $ 100 million was chef José Andrés.

Jeff Bezos believes he will pay for it in the future and raise the bar by donating a huge $ 100 million check to CNN from Van Jones. During the press conference, Bezos said that he was launching the Bravery and Civility Award, which was created to identify leaders who are approaching challenges in rural areas and developing effective solutions for change and growth. Recipients of the award are those who work hard to pursue their sexual passions and beliefs but do so in a rural way.

USA Today quotes Bezos as saying; “We want the police, not the critics. We live in a world where sometimes, instead of believing in human ideas, we question their attitudes or motives. Think what? What should we do? It is rejecting the idea, not the person. “

Given his wisdom, he was unable to choose the right person for this incredible financial gift. USA Today acknowledges that Jones “founded the free Dream Corps Corporation, which addresses issues such as criminal justice reform and technological equality. He also works as a CNN contributor.”

When he was encouraged to respond to this great gift, Jones was deeply impressed and deeply appreciated. He responded paying close attention and said; “Sometimes dreams become true.”

Another $ 100 million recipients is chef José Andrews, who founded World Central Kitchen, a free agency that provides emergency food assistance.

No one has yet said what they will do with their new assets, but the hope is that they will continue to invest in them.