iQIYI Inc., an innovation, leads the popular online entertainment service in China and today released a cutting-edge virtual reality (VR) theme, QIYU 3, to empower the digital entertainment environment. The launch event of this product, implemented by millions of gamers through Extended Technology (XR) technology, demonstrated QIYU 3’s transformation strategy and unveiled some free games for the device.

As a flagship VR product, the QIYU 3 represents an important art form in many areas:

• The device has a hypocritical feature designed for VR. With a fast LGB subpixel RGB design, the device has 4320 * 2160 resolution, good 4K + resolution, and low resolution. The power conversion can still reach 90 Hz with the support of two built-in display driver drivers;

• The headphones have Q-Light’s interactive 6DoF system, which makes it possible to keep the 6DoF head for controllers at millimeter level;

• The QIYU 3 is supported by advanced optical zoom technology with a resolution of up to 1 mm. The student distances can be adjusted from 58mm to 72mm, so users of both sexes can comfortably wear the device;

• In the future, QIYU 3 will also offer iQUT Cinema and offer users a 2,000-inch screen, the size of a 20-inch 80-inch television. HDR support allows you to get most of the color-coded with the device. New color palette with iQIYI’s large content library, QIYU 3 can handle many of the latest movies and TV shows. In addition, iQIYI offers QIYU 3 with 4K 3D video and 8K video at 60fps and a bit rate of 13M, which leads the photo quality in the industry.

The program produced by XR Live Streaming

QIYU 3 game launcher and design of the product that launched it. With XR technology, the company turned free media into a virtual space full of cyberpunk content and ensured a seamless audio experience. Because of its spectacular viewing experience, the XR immersive event marks a celebration unprecedented.

Speaking at the event, Xiong Wen, head of the VRQ aid company iQIYI Intelligent Company, said, “In the real world, everyone has unrealistic dreams.

30 free games and advanced explorations

Buyers of the original QIYU 3, a device for avid gamers, will receive at least 30 free games. QIYU VR aims to offer users QIYU 3 games for free every month.

The first QIYU 3 game covers a wide range of genres including entertainment, archery, and gaming, as well as popular VR games like Arizona Sunshine, Swarm, Mercenary: Silicon Rising, Zombieland: Headshot Fever, and All-In-One Sports VR.

The event also featured Metaverse, a QIYU VR-produced science fiction VR film produced at the University of Communications of China’s School of Animation and Digital Arts. In the meantime, QIYU VR has released a performance app, QIYU Show, which allows users to check and follow the performance of their favorite virtual idol.

Existing QIYU users and iQIYI subscribers can receive special benefits one after the other.

In recent years iQIYI has invested heavily in building a VR environment. Since entering the VR market in 2016, QIYU VR has launched four products in five years and won many of the world’s leading products, including the first of all 4K headphones, a unique iQUT movie, and a first. Get 5G + 8K VR live streaming capabilities. Looking to the future, iQIYI will invest more in content, platforms, and infrastructure as it announces its position as CEO who offers its employees a multi-sensory experience.

About iQIYI, Inc.

iQIYI, Inc. is a leading online entertainment service in the emerging market in China. His company’s DNA combines genetic engineering and technology and fosters the environment for innovation and blockchain content creation. The iQIYI platform has very popular original content as well as a full library of third-party content, affiliate content, and user-generated content. The company positions itself in the online entertainment industry through its advanced technology leading to advanced AI, big data analytics, and other advanced technologies. iQIYI uses a large network that attracts a large number of users and offers a wide range of services including group services, online advertising services, content distribution, live advertising, online games, IP licenses, and webinars.