Mexican singer Dan Sur has claimed to be the first chef to put a gold chain around his head to create golden hair. The actress and designer Reggaeton signed up to her Instagram account with TikTok to show off her many golden strands that have replaced her hair and reveal what could be the most expensive hairstyle.

Sur wasn’t the first artist to do something heavy to stand out from the crowd. Earlier this year, Lil Uzi Vert wore a red diamond on her forehead, which she said was recently torn off as the crowd toured the concert hall. In July, according to the New York Post, Brazilian actor Renato de Santa removed the meat so that he could have a “demonic smile” in front of him.

In a recent TikTok video, Sur boasted to his 1.9 million followers that he was the first person in history to paint a golden guy-like hair.

The chef has chosen the gorgeous look to stand out from the crowd and reveals in another video clip the expectation that no one will try to lift their spirits.

“The fact is that I want to do something different because I make sure that everyone has their hair cut. I hope that not everyone is imitating me at the moment. “

LADBible reported that the 23-year-old underwent special surgery in April this year. Sur revealed how much the operation cost, but it wasn’t cheap because some of the gold chains that came out of Sur’s head were covered in gold.

Sur decided to pair his new golden hair with a matching golden grill, as many dancers do. His new TikTok shows him brushing his teeth when a supporter asks him how to keep them clean. Sur didn’t talk about how to keep his golden hair white.