US comedian Dave Chappelle, whose new Netflix show inspired a transsexual backlash, responded to people he said he wanted to “cancel.”

Chappelle posted on Instagram that he was ready to meet members of the transgender community, despite criticism that his film was transphobic.

He also asked his audience to decide if he was “canceled”.

He arrives after a small protest last week outside the Netflix headquarters in Los Angeles.

Critics have angered Chappelle’s Netflix special, The Closer, in which he claims that “men are real” and LGBT people are “very influential”.

Netflix content editor Ted Sarandos apologized for the way he treated employees during the protest, saying, “I did.”

Chappelle’s video, posted on his Instagram account Monday, was posted on Sunday during his show in Louisville, Kentucky, reported. It was his first public reaction to the criticism since it started especially on October 5th. It means the movie is next to the famous Joe Rogan podcast.

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“The media said I was invited to speak with transgender users on Netflix and I declined,” Chappelle, 48, told the audience.

“That’s not true. If they invite me, I’ll accept it. Even though I’m confused about what we’re saying … you said you want a good job on Netflix” It’s good that it’s the only one I can’t go to any more work. “

“As for the transgender community, I’m ready to give you an audience,” he said. “But don’t call me. I’m not giving up on anyone.”

He denied that he and his LGBT community were against it, saying “this has nothing to do with them. It is in the interest of the industry and what I can and cannot say.”

Last week Netflix recorded 213.5 million subscriptions worldwide.

Chappelle also said the special wasn’t invited to check out her latest newsletter, Untitled, on the film’s schedule.

“Today it is not a cinema, it is not a cinema, it is not a film festival … it will touch this film,” he said, urging people to see his new film and decide to do “whether I should cancel or not?”