Thanks to her lover Avery Cyrus, JoJo Siwa had a significant hair alteration. Observe her brand-new pixie cut.

Like a boomerang, JoJo Siwa is returning to short hair.

On September 22, the Siwa’s Dance Pop Revolution star said that she has once again chopped her long blonde hair, this time with the assistance of her partner, Avery Cyrus. In a video uploaded to TikTok, the 19-year-old watched as Avery, 22, started cutting off “huge pieces” of her hair with a pair of scissors as she was seated inside her walk-in closet.

“Every time, I was frightened to death, but you know what? It must arrive eventually “JoJo said. “We simply kept moving.”

She said that her haircut first appeared “a bit janky,” but Avery was able to balance it out, and “in the end, it came out fantastic,” according to the Dance Moms alum.

What were they? a stylish pixie cut like the one she wore in the spring. The entire procedure, according to JoJo, took three hours.

“I wasn’t sure how it would pan out… However, I’m thrilled that Avery crushed it, “She added a caption to the video of her hair changing. “HAPPY GIRL BACK WITH SHORTIE HAIRRRRR!!!!!” the “Boomerang” singer said in a subsequent post.

More than a week after she and Avery made their relationship known to the world, JoJo had a new hairstyle. During a date at Chuck E. Cheese on September 13, JoJo shared a video of themselves kissing on TikTok with the remark, “Happiest gal.”

On September 15, the pair later made their debut on the red carpet as a couple during the musical Jagged Little Pill’s opening night performance. Avery wore a T-shirt from XOMG POP, the adolescent pop band that JoJo and her mother, Jessalynn Siwa, helped start, to express her support for the Siwa family on this special day.