Top collectors, prominent figures in the art world, and Leonardo DiCaprio attended the VIP opening of Art Basel Miami Beach on Tuesday.

The celebrity was seen showing interest in some provocative pieces, including a painting of what appeared to be an extraterrestrial lap dance and one on Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

In his trademark black hat and mask, DiCaprio was seen spending hours touring the fair at the Miami Convention Center with two friends while being guided by an apparent art advisor.

You are aware of how some individuals tilt their heads back when examining works of art, the spy thought. With Leo’s mask, that is what takes place. When he was considering the work, it kept slipping down.

The $35,000 artwork “Untitled (Monsters),” by Patrizio di Massimo, which depicted what appeared to be an interspecies trio, caught DiCaprio’s attention while he was at the Rudolphe Jassen booth.

In the naughty picture, a guy is shown seated in a chair getting mounted by an orange monster as a blue monster stands behind him. In addition to receiving a business card from the gallery, DiCaprio was also observed photographing the title card.

The “Titanic” star was also observed gazing carefully for many minutes at a Grayson Perry piece named “The American Dream” at the Paragon booth, which depicts a large Mark Zuckerberg face. It is said that the actor already owns works of art by Egon Schiele, Pablo Picasso, and Takashi Murakami.

A map with fictitious locales like “the patriarchy,” “false news,” and “gender fluid” is included at the top of the $75,000 blue-and-red etching, which also includes the skull of the Meta mastermind.

One of the spies remarks, “He seemed genuinely interested in it.” He was shown various aspects of the artwork by the art advisor.

Sylvester Stallone, Martha Stewart, James Goldstein, Princess Firyal of Jordan, Laurie Tisch, Beth Rudin DeWoody, and former Knicks player Amar’e Stoudemire were among the other notable figures and top collectors present at the fair on Tuesday.

The fair, which is in its 20th year and features a record 282 galleries, is also attended by Princess Firyal of Jordan.