Over the weekend, new global players discovered a glitch in Amazon’s newly released MMO game, not for the first time.

This allows players to move furniture among many other things while pushing trophies (the material you put into the world, smaller and more expensive) gets a certain amount of heat under the neck. Players can use this glitch to redeem expensive goods and sell them for free.

A gaming meeting had something to worry about this exploitation, with players posting a series explaining that they tried to report it from the secondary channel before going public when Amazon Games did nothing. “I saw the next level a roll of glass could take and thought I would lose a few minutes moving around,” wrote a player named Poverty. “It was very easy. The road.”

Needless to say, this sparked positive reactions, as well as some bad smells swirling back and forth between angry gamers and community representatives. This article was recently published by the mayor of Tosch.

In a statement, Amazon responded

“Hi all, we know this is potential duplicate exploitation distributed on social media forums (exchange post, player to player exchange) as we have reviewed, all players have been involved in taking advantage of this exploitation.

“As soon as the cancellation of the transfer is studied and we are ready to reschedule the transfer, we will update this announcement.

“Thanks for your understanding.”

Suffice it to say: the New World has achieved all its riches. Still.

As one would expect players respond to the story calmly and logically. Some say they will never call the New World again, others promise to return to Wow, there is general agreement that anyone who exploits it will be banned forever, and so on. To be fair to the developers, however, there is nothing worse for a CMA of something like this that could harm the banking environment, so Amazon Games has fewer options than it has.