This weekend marks the completion of a huge competition that is being followed by millions of people worldwide. The event taking place in downtown Raleigh is an esports tournament, not the World Cup.

Even though Sunday’s match took place on a virtual battlefield rather than a field or court, players nonetheless entered the stadium.

Gaining a tournament is a major event, like the one for the game Call of Duty that will take place on Sunday at the Raleigh Convention Center.

Jerry Spencer is a member of the Mississippi-based Convoy Gaming esports squad. We are the second seed in this event, according to Spencer. “Everyone in the audience gets up and goes berserk when these guys make their plays.”

Raleigh is not where this event just happened to end up. Esports is a growing industry in Raleigh, according to Loren Gold, executive vice president of Visit Raleigh.

The approach has been under development for over four years, according to Gold. Are we the nation’s leaders? No doubt about it. In the Southeast of the United States, do we stand out as a leader? Absolutely.”

The number of attendees at this competition might reach 7000. That’s wonderful for business, but it goes much further than that.

The event is also live online, which will allow for the introduction of the city to a much larger audience. As many as tens of millions of impressions have been reported.

“That has left a mark on the globe as a brand impression.” Leaders in our community want to see more tournaments, so they are promoting local game publishers, providing funding to tournament organizers, setting up locations to host esports events, and even creating curricula in our schools to prepare kids for employment in the industry.

The fact that leaders at all levels recognize the significance of these events and are working to promote their growth in this area, however, is arguably our largest advantage, according to Gold.

Larger esports competitions, according to officials, can boost the local economy by more than $20 million. A million dollars or more may be on the line in events like the one taking place this weekend in Raleigh, making it extremely lucrative for the esports contestants.