Celebrities like Justin Timberlake and Questlove have responded to the shocking murder of Tyre Nichols. Five police officers are seen assaulting the 29-year-old during a traffic stop in Memphis, Tennessee, on January 7, according to body camera and surveillance footage released by police on Friday.

Three days later Nichols passed away. Justin used Twitter to denounce police violence in the United States in response to the video.

He is devastated and furious to witness another family and another community suffer as a result of police abuse. He supports the citizens of Memphis and his community in their call for justice and accountability.

The Memphis resident also shared some of Nichols’s photos on Instagram, stating that the pictures served as a reminder of the man’s character and way of life rather than how he was forcibly removed from his neighborhood.

My thoughts are with my hometown and his family as they recover. For The Love of God was a post made by Questlove on Instagram.

Even while Ciara acknowledged that she couldn’t watch the entire video since it hurt so much to witness something like that, she did watch a small amount of it and said it left her heart “crushed.”

Additionally, Tyler Perry vowed to “get up” and continue his quest for justice. Since it won’t ever happen to them, many individuals find it difficult to conceive it occurring to them. I would cover my ears and block out the outside noise because I was eager to experience how that space felt for once.

So, today, I will weep, be depressed, cuss, be angry, want to burn something, be in misery, let my heart bleed for his family, groan with his tenor harmony from my own experience that is every Black guy who has ever cried out for the protection of the mother, and I will scream quietly.

In connection with Nichols’ death, five cops have been detained and are facing accusations including murder.