In a homage to Jamal Edwards, pop star Ed Sheeran said that his career would not have been possible without the help of his late buddy.

The celebrity was speaking at a tribute to Edwards, who launched the internet music service SBTV and was awarded the MBE in 2014 for his contributions to music.

At the age of 31, the entrepreneur passed away in February.

If Jamal hadn’t placed his arm around me, Sheeran remarked, “I truly don’t think I would have been given the possibilities that I was given.”

Jamal was also a person who had good taste.”

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When Sheeran performed the future hit You Need Me, I Don’t Need You on his YouTube channel in 2010, Edwards handed him his first big break.

Atlantic Records and the star’s manager, Stuart Camp, were introduced to him through the film.

As per Sheeran, “a lot of people think that because I compose songs and act, I probably would have” achieved fame in any case.

The truth is, I disagree with it. One of many, I suppose.

I truly don’t think I would have been let past certain doors if it hadn’t been for Jamal.

The Jamal Edwards Self-Belief Trust, which aims to assist young people at danger of homelessness and to give access points to the media sector for persons who would not otherwise have the opportunity, held its first fundraising event on Tuesday as part of the memorial service.

His mother, Brenda Edwards of Loose Women, said, “We want to keep his kindness.”

He always spoke up for young people. His major objective was that.

She stated that Edwards had volunteered his leisure time to assist the needy.

Every single Christmas, he went to the homeless shelter to provide food and offer speeches to young people. We would have to wait until he returned since I would prepare Christmas supper and he wouldn’t be home until after 9:30 or 10:00 p.m.

We’re just going to attempt to carry on precisely what he’s done, she continued. No one is capable of what Jamal accomplished, but I’m going to give it my best go.

While still in school, Edwards started SBTV “on a £20 phone,” but the network later helped musicians like Dave, Skepta, Ed Sheeran, and Emeli Sandé begin their careers.

It had a crucial role in capturing and publicizing the emergence of London’s grime culture, which Edwards compared to the punk movement in terms of its defiant attitude and lyrics.

As his wealth increased, he went into other business endeavors, frequently focusing on enhancing the lives of young people from poor backgrounds, and he documented his experiences in the best-selling book Self Belief.

A coroner found that he used cocaine and drank alcohol before passing away abruptly in February from a heart attack.

Hollywood actor Terry Crews hosted the tribute on Tuesday, which was held in London’s brand-new Here at Outernet venue and featured performances by Jessie Ware, Lewis Capaldi, and Max Cyrus.

The gala included a star-studded auction featuring a variety of “money can’t buy experiences,” such as a supper for two with Luther actor Idris Elba and an Inter Miami t-shirt that David Beckham had autographed.

The event, according to the organizers, raised more than £100,000 that evening.

Crews, widely known for the series Brooklyn Nine-Nine, claimed to have first seen Edwards in 2014 while on a promotional trip to London.

“We did the media thing, but then we got to talking. And I simply thought, “Man, I adore what you stand for.” And wow, I couldn’t believe he had died when I learned the news.”

Crews called Jamal a “visionary” who has transformed the lives of hundreds of people and said he wanted to be a part of the fundraising “to continue the mission that Jamal started.”

Edwards left a lasting impression on the music industry in Britain, according to Jessie Ware, who gave him a tribute song of What You Won’t Do for Love.

She referred to him as a “kind, friendly, humorous” friend with whom she shared a dance at Sheeran’s wedding and added that he served as a platform for many musicians who are breaking new ground.

It’s a rare, significant thing because “his legacy lives everywhere,” she continued.

He’ll probably be someplace watching this event and be quite upset that he’s not there, dancing.