The Argentina Leonas made up for their defeat against the Netherlands the day before. Even though it is still early in the season, the home team defeated the Great Britain ladies 3-0 to win and take the top spot in the FIH Pro League standings.

Only two goals in the game’s first four minutes could get past Oliver Payne’s and Tomas Santiago’s stellar goalkeeping for Great Britain and Argentina, respectively. After 60 minutes, just Maico Casella’s drag flick and Jack Waller’s sliding finale remained.

Although Payne and Santiago performed admirably in the shootout, GB ultimately won the additional point thanks to James Albery’s skillful finish and a 2-1 outcome.

Great Britain and Argentina will compete in a match in Santiago del Estero, Argentina.

Argentina scored three goals in an exciting third quarter to defeat Great Britain 3-0 after a lackluster showing the previous day. With limited chances to score, the first half was evenly distributed and of a modest pace.

At the opposite end, Argentina’s Agustina Gorzelany missed a penalty shot wide while Sophie Hamilton’s shot went well beyond the goal. The entire game’s action was postponed until the third quarter’s opening.

In the 31st minute, Gorzelany salvaged the Leonas’ 1-0 victory by separating Maddie Hinch and her post player. A pass to Maria Granato was skillfully flicked over a sliding Hinch to double the advantage just minutes later as Great Britain appeared to stand back and not put any pressure on some waves of Argentine surges.

Maria Campoy’s second-chance fall came in the 39th minute as a result of some careless clearance. By the end of the third quarter, the margin had tripled thanks to a spin move on Campoy’s back foot and a shot inside Hinch’s near post.

Up to the end of the 60 minutes, Argentina continued to create openings in the GB midfield, maintaining the same pace. Rocio Sanchez, the team’s captain and player of the game, said following the 3-0 victory, “I believe everybody desired to win the match and wanted to play well.

We wanted a solid contest tonight and delivered on that after getting off to a bad start against Holland yesterday. Both the opening and closing tempos for the men’s sides were quick.

Great Britain won the shootout, 2-1, after the score remained tied at 1-1. Only three minutes into the game did Argentina score. A fantastic drag movie was published by Maico Casella to give Argentina the lead, just as he had the night before.

Although it was only momentary, Jack Waller’s cunning sweep on the rush eluded Santiago and resulted in an incredible tying goal. Stuart Rushmere’s superb movement and pass were the keys to Waller’s chance. The second quarter ended with the score equal at 1-1 after GB’s second goal, which Phil Roper had scored.

Argentina had it tough inside the GB circle thanks to Waller and Jacob Draper’s tenacious defense. Between the posts, Oliver Payne’s leadership contributed to maintaining composure and concentration. When Roper, Rushmere, and Will Calnan’s fast hands came into play, Tomas Santiago also had his hands full. Late in the third, Thomas Habif’s foot and Thomas Sorsby’s penalty corner awarded Great Britain a goal, but Sam Ward’s flick was stopped by Habif’s charging stick.