Regarding the current Balenciaga scandal, Kim Kardashian has ended her quiet. In response to the company’s recent Christmas commercial that featured youngsters and prompted criticism online, The Kardashians star released a statement.

The company was accused of sexually exploiting children in its advertisement, which appears to depict young toddlers holding teddies that had been made into bonds.

Kim posted a lengthy message on Twitter in which she criticized the campaign and stated that, in light of recent developments, she will be rethinking her own affiliation with the company.

Many online users criticized Kim Kardashian for remaining silent about the Christmas ad campaign after it got negative feedback. She explained why it took her so long to respond.

Kim Kardashian tweets about being “disgusted” and “outraged.”

Kim sent a statement to Twitter that said, “I have been silent over the past few days, not because I haven’t been appalled and offended by the recent Balenciaga advertisements, but because I wanted the chance to speak to their staff to understand for myself how this could have occurred.

As a mother of four, Kardashian said, “I have been horrified by the frightening photos. Children’s protection must be prioritized above all else and attempts to normalize child abuse of any form have no place in our culture.

Kardashian proceeded by thanking the company for immediately pulling the campaign and for releasing an apology.

Kim’s debut at Paris Fashion Week, when she walked the runway for Balenciaga, was chronicled in the Kardashians finale. Kardashian revealed shocking details about how she and her ex-husband Kanye West got to be the parents of their daughter North West in the episode.

Speaking about the Balmain outfit she wore at the Angel Ball, Kim was heard saying to North on the episode, “I wore the dress and I became pregnant and you grew in my tummy the night I wore that dress.”

The second season of The Kardashians, which recently came to an end, covered a number of significant events, including Kim’s romance with Pete Davidson, her appearance at the Met Gala wearing a Marilyn Monroe gown, and more.