Khloe Kardashian pondered on her brief detention in 2008 during The Kardashians episode that aired on Hulu on October 6. What she revealed may be found here.

Before getting her mugshot, Khloe Kardashian did her own makeup. Bible.

The creator of Good American reflected on the mugshot she took before serving her jail time in 2008 during the Oct. 6 episode of Hulu’s The Kardashians. Khloe made a joke about taking the blame if they were caught with the cannabis products when she and her mom Kris Jenner were sampling a pot gummy.

She laughed, “I’ve been to jail before, and it doesn’t matter anymore.”

Khloe thought at a private moment, “When I was around 22, I entered prison. It was stupid of me to go to jail for a DUI. Don’t drive after drinking.”

When Kris said that Khloe’s mugshot was really “very adorable,” Khloe confessed that she and her BFF Malika Haqq were responsible for the glitz. For my mug photo, Malika did my hair, she said. “My makeup is my own.”

Khloe made it plain that she won’t be redoing the photo anytime soon, despite Kris possessing a framed copy of the image that made headlines. She confessed, “Since then, I’ve never been to jail.” I’ve now understood my mistake.

Khloe was detained for drinking and driving in March 2007. The family’s reality show Keeping up with the Kardashians later featured a significant discussion of the arrest.

She later explained to her family that she “truly wasn’t that inebriated.” It wasn’t a significant percentage.

Khloe was sentenced to perform community service and go to alcohol education programs as punishment for the DUI. However, she was given a 30-day prison term after skipping two consecutive weeks of the aforementioned course, as was seen in the KUWTK season three premiere.

She admitted during a KUWTK confessional that “my judge is not very thrilled with me.” He believes that I was fired without cause and that my employment is a luxury.

She was booked on July 18, 2008, and spent less than three hours of her 30-day term at a prison in Lynwood, California. Due to overpopulation, she was let go early.

Khloe stated after being freed, “Not enjoyable. I would have perished if I had spent 30 days there.”

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